14 Things Girls Do After A Really Good Date

We’ve all been there. You’ve been on a string of horrible dates that’s starting to feel like a cruel dating montage in a sad movie about your life. And then you go on this date. The guy (or girl) is great, the banter is like something out of a Nora Ephron movie, and the chemistry is verging on a scientific breakthrough. You can’t help but get really, really excited.
30 Rock
30 Rock

1. You tell everyone and their grocer about the date. It basically turns into this habit that whenever someone asks you “How was your day?” you automatically respond with “I had the greatest date last night!”

2. You pick that one song that encapsulates everything great about the date and listen to it over and over again. Generally this is when T Swift finally comes in handy, and you have an entire catalog of songs to choose from.

3. When the song starts to get old, you find a cover, and sing and dance like a maniac all over again. This works until your roommates ban all spunky country music from the apartment.

4. You contemplate texting him instead of waiting around for him to text you, because this is the 21st Century, a woman doesn’t have to wait for the guy. But is twenty minutes after the date too early to send a text? You decide to let it simmer for a bit.

5. You screenshot the best pictures of him on Facebook and Instagram and send them to your best friends. Seeeeeee he’s cute, right??? I went on a DATE with those dimples!!

6. You tell everyone about the date…Wait, did I already say that? OH WELL. LET ME TELL YOU AGAIN.

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

7. You comb through all of his online profiles to see if he left any hints to how he thought the date went. Spotify says he’s listening to Kendrick. Did I kill his vibe? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??

8. You suspend your Tinder and OkCupid accounts. Sure, you can reactivate them with the simple click of a button, but for now, it feels really good to cut those loose.

9. You’ve been grinning so much; it’s starting to feel unnatural. You’re not sure why you’re STILL smiling when the date was hours ago, but it just won’t go away.

10. You re-read all the text messages that led up to the date, as a way to jump back into the memories of the night. Agh he’s so clever, and then he said that joke about broccoli when we were waiting for our food. I had no idea he would be that funny!

11. You make sure the date is marked on your calendar, you know, just in case it becomes an important day, anniversary-wise. You just make sure you do this super casually, so you don’t seem full-crazy.

12. Everything is all caps all the time. YOU CAN’T HELP IT IF YOU’RE EXCITED, AND OTHER PEOPLE SHOULD BE TOO.

13. You act totally chill when he finally texts you. You see he texted you. You do everything in your power to wait ten minutes before responding. Compose: “Yeah, I’m free on Friday, see you then.”

14. … And then completely lose your cool all over again. *hits send* AHHHHHHHHHHH Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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