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How To Define Your Ambiguous Relationship

Worry that your relationship lacks definition because you are vastly over-invested (you are) (this is the most clarity and insight you will have throughout this whole situation). Spend more time being concerned that things aren’t going to pan out the way you want them to than actually doing anything to cause them to pan out the way you want them to…

On Being A Crazy Girl

Can we be honest about the “crazy ex-girlfriend” thing? We all know that’s an urban relationship myth, right? I have a theory: the kinds of guys that talk about having “crazy exes” are crazy-making. Dudes love to complain about having crazy exes, except no one is crazy in a vacuum. People become crazy when you exhaust their ability to be sane.

I Once Went On A Date With A Guy Who…

Asked for my address and “which window was mine.” Brought another dude. Told me that “gay people are disgusting” and that “homosexuality is a sin.” Wore a shirt that my dad owns (sorry my dad isn’t like a frumpy dude, but this dude was considerably older than me and it freaked me out).

Top 10 Philosophers Who Should Have Their Own Reality TV Show

In addition to philosophy being, you know, ‘valuable’ (the unexamined life is not worth living blahblahblah you still don’t give a shit do you?), the lives of some of the most famous philosophers were pretty effing buzzworthy. So come on people, if we’re going to live in a culture that airs the likes of Holly’s World and a Double Shot at Love, we’re kind of obligated to give these guys a chance, right?

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