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5 Things You Might Regret

In the morning you’ll think “I am not the girl my mom raised.” The cool story he impressed you with will seem like a lie. His clothes, messing up your floor, are only highlighting the mess he’d add to your life.

I'm Sorry I Don't Care About Your Baby

I want to care about your baby. For your sake and my sake I want to not feel sick to my stomach when I see pictures of your reptilian looking newborn or your gorgeous [something, idk]-month old on Facebook. But I hate it and I’m sorry.

How Things Can Change

Just because you are having frequent, vulnerable, complicated conversations it doesn’t mean your relationship is deep or meaningful. It means you’re both insecure and hurt and it’s damaged beyond repair, probably.

How To Play It Cool

Drunk you’ll be like, “Haaaaiiiiii I got this, I’m cool, just gonna break the ice and see wassuuuuup.” This may not be the worst thing in the world, but one brief or delayed response and you turn into everyone’s favorite villain, Dozen Texts Typo Psycho.

Fun Games To Play With Your Significant Other

Guess where your significant other is tonight! This is a super fun guessing game! What you do is you date someone who doesn’t really like you but you haven’t admitted that to yourself, and then spend a lot of time worrying where they are and who they are with when they ignore your texts!

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