8 Considerations When Deciding Whether To Sleep With Someone You Are Only Mildly Interested In

You may get to have an orgasm. If you don’t care that much, you won’t be self-conscious. This bodes well for sex being good. Also, you can experiment with some weird stuff without the hanging question, “Will I always know the father of my children has a thing for schoolteachers?”

You may have increased feelings of whore-ishness. If you sleep with someone because you love or even just lust them, you feel good in the morning. “Idly” sleeping with someone doesn’t really make you feel awesome.

You will have to add someone to your sex Number. Your sex number is a tricky thing because you don’t want it to be too high or too low, but you are single for an indefinite period of time which makes the equation for how critical you should be impossible to calculate. Moving on.

You will have to do more work. Extra grooming. Birth control. Laundry. Stress.

You may not get to go out with him anymore. If you decide not to have sex with the guy you’re moderately interested in, he may decide not to take you out anymore. A part of you will feel like you should sleep with him because he’s really nice and tries hard and texts you compliments all the time. This train of thought battles your self-respect and hopefully your self-respect wins. Dating is a trial period, not a contract. Now you just have to find something else for you and your self-respected ass to do on Saturday night.

You might get to be the center of attention at brunch. Okay, this is shallow and minutiae at this point, but still relevant.

You won’t get over someone else, if that’s what you’re trying to do. I’ve heard that you can get over someone by getting under someone else, but I’ve experienced the unreality of this claim. Sorry.

Your partner may be less interested in impressing you afterwards. No more fancy dates. No more dressing up for TV dates. Bummer. Choose wisely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


image – Tom Small

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