The Pros And Cons Of Having Long Hair


Pro: LOOK at this gif. Like, seriously look at it. If I could translate my jaw drop it would be something like “there is no other hairstyle in the world.” You don’t even have to be as beautiful as Demi, flipping your hair just makes you feel like you are.

Con: When you have long hair you have to buy expensive products to keep it healthy. Short hair regenerates. The ends of my hair are like, three years old. They need TLC.

Pro: I feel sexy and feminine all the time, even without makeup or a cool outfit. It’s the best accessory and goes with everything.

Con: When you are making out with a guy or whatever it is literally always getting either stuck underneath his hands or I am brushing it out from between our faces every 20 seconds. It’s kind of funny, but annoying and sometimes painful.

Pro: When you lean over someone you can make a secret tent for the two of you.

Con: It also gets stuck other places: car windows, underneath my purse strap, etc. Ouch.

Pro: You can go into a hot tub without a top, which is literally the coolest thing in the world.

Con: Tangles/dreads :( :( :(

Bonus Pro: My hair is so long that I never have to worry about bringing elastics with me because I can just spin it into a bun and it stays without any products. Freedom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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