Fun Games To Play With Your Significant Other

Surprise, I’m hysterical! This one is a personal favorite. What you do is get into a relationship that is either too young to involve fighting or has advanced to a certain point yet you still feel uncomfortable asserting yourself. Let your feelings build up, drink a bottle of wine, wait for your significant other to do the tiniest thing wrong, and unleash it! Completely lose your sh-t in a manner so baffling that your significant other can’t even figure out what they did wrong. The last time I did this the guy I was dating actually left the room mid-sentence and came back and essentially force-fed me a Xanax.

Reciprocity seesaw. To play this game, just get in a relationship with someone who pursues the crap out of you because you’re not that interested and they’re hell-bent on being in your life, but then as soon as they get you, they should immediately start to emotionally neglect you! At some point you should learn that if you ignore them they freak out and start being super affectionate, and then when you finally give in, they should stop paying attention to you. The best part of this game is that it can last forever, and the drama just gets more and more exciting each round as you become more and more insane and terrible to each other!

Sexting blackmail. This happens when you exchange nude pictures with someone you are dating and then you try to find a delicate way to break up with them so they don’t retaliate by sending your pictures to everyone they know. Note: this game can be fun until you unilaterally send n00dz of yourself to someone who runs a website with over a million hits a month and then you have a really horrible end to your relationship, cuz then you get to spend the next indefinite amount of time worrying when they are going to be published to the masses.

Check your call history. The way you play this game is you look at who your significant other has been calling (cuz you’ve already read their text messages once in the past and had a fight about it — now they’re smart enough to delete them). Then you just go through them each one at a time and be like, “What is this number that you don’t have saved in your phonebook? Is that a GIRL? Are you HIDING IT FROM ME?!???!” This game can also be called “Remember, I’m hysterical…” cuz it’s not a surprise anymore.

Guess where your significant other is tonight! This is a super fun guessing game! What you do is you date someone who doesn’t really like you but you haven’t admitted that to yourself, and then spend a lot of time worrying where they are and who they are with when they ignore your texts! TC mark

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  • Dee

    “cuz”? Really?

    • Jessica Ann

      This was driving me insane. I realize it’s a satirical piece, but…..really?

      • Morgan

        I realized this was supposed to be funny.. but I think I’ve gotten to the point where these “games” are nothing short of immature, irritating, and a waste of time…even to read.

  • Rishtopher

    Laughing SO hard right now!  I love this stuff!

  • Annie Highley-Smith

    Or you could play the ‘date the guy who’s just like your father/mother only to realize too far into the relationship’ game.  Maybe that’s too mainstream though to fully appreciate for all its glory and humor.

  • Brian M

    You and the other philolz is funnies.

  • Jordana Bevan

    lol ‘”Surprise, I’m hysterical!” is my favorite game to play and I always win HA

  • Elaine Huang

    The awkward moment when you start to realize you’re playing almost all of the games stated. Oh gawd.

  • Jessi Smith

    I actually did invent a game to play with my girlfriends and I think it could mesh well with with “Surprise, I’m Hysterical!” if you ever want to give it a shot with your significant other. My game is called “Truth or Feelings” and it’s based loosely off of Truth or Dare (obviously).

    Your partner (the asker) gives you (the emotional responder) the option of “Truth” or “Feelings”. If you choose “Truth”, your partner gets to ask you a question which you must respond to with complete honesty, just like in Truth or Dare.

    However, if  you choose “Feelings”, you’re in charge. You now have 90 seconds to express yourself – as calmly and quietly (boring) or as loudly and hysterically (oh fuck yes, style points) as you wish – before you become the asker.

    This game is best played drunk with a stockpile of pent up, festering emotions. It is recommended that novices include only 2 players. However, once you and your significant other have become advanced players, it’s fun to suggest this as a drinking game at parties where you can catch your unsuspecting audience off-guard and engage in a very public, explosive encounters that highlight just how unhealthy your relationship is.

    It’s all fun and games until you and your significant other are surrounded by a throng of your uncomfortable , baffled friends in the middle of your BFF’s living room and you’re sloshing red wine on her carpet while screaming “Your 90 seconds are up! Ask me truth or feelings! It’s my turn! ASK ME, YOU FUCKING HARPY.”

  • Gust

    Surprise- I’m Hysterical! Literally made me Laugh Out Loud!

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