5 Ways You Can Get Your Resume Noticed By A Hiring Manager

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Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What’s the best way to get your résumé noticed? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.


The best way to get your resume noticed is to ensure it is a good (or great) fit for the job.  Many resumes are scanned for keywords these days and if your resume does not have the appropriate keywords it is unlikely that the hiring manager will see the resume.

What determines if a resume is effective? Your resume is effective if it gets you the interview.

Need help writing your resume or CV? Your resume is your most important job search tool and it can be quite difficult to write if this is the first time you’ve created your resume. Start with researching resume tips so that you can determine a proper resume format, keywords, specifying an objective and other key points that are necessary to make your resume noticed by hiring managers.

1. Find A Job.

Above all, your resume should be created in a format that is relative to your industry and job. Do a search on your job or industry and look at resume samples. Being concentrated on one position gives you more opportunities of finding exactly what you need.

2. Research The Proposed Position

Before submitting a resume, find out more details about the organization and the vacancy they offer. If you want your resume to be chosen among the hundreds of others, try to make it fit the position you are applying for as much as possible.

3. Think Of The Keywords In Your Application Document

If you want to be found by hiring managers, include keywords that are in the job descriptions in your resume. That will increase your chances of getting the desired interview. It’s also important to include keywords in your resume or CV.

4. Choose A Great Resume Format

You can choose between several resume formats: functional resume, chronological resume, targeted resume or a combination. Once you have selected the type of resume, organize the list of information that will be included in your resume.

5. Provide A Summary Of Your Qualifications And Work Experience

Make your summary of qualifications shine! Make everything possible to persuade the recruiting manager to choose you for this job. Try to provide all necessary information.

I’ve mentioned both a resume and a Curriculum Vitae as possible application documents. What is the difference? The primary difference is the length, the layout and the purpose.

A resume is usually a one- or two-page document, more often it is a one-page document that is presented as a brief summary of your experience and skills. Resumes can be tailored to every job position you are applying for. The CV is a document which contains an overview of your full working career. It can be written to cover more than two pages and is organized chronologically. The CV doesn’t change for each position. It should be mentioned that CVs are most commonly used in Europe, while people in the USA and Canada would prefer a resume to a CV when applying for a job. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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