The Becky Taylor Transcript

Last week, a pdf was sent to me from an email address I didn’t recognize, which isn’t uncommon in my line of work. Strangers send me scary stories and bizarre documents on an almost daily basis and I encourage it. But the pdf in question was unlike anything I had ever been sent and I decided that the only way to properly convey its effect would be to simply let you read it for yourself.
Flickr / Quinn Dombrowski
Flickr / Quinn Dombrowski


DATE | TIME: 7/16/91 | 4:25PM
LOCATION: Mandeville Field Office
INTERVIEWER: Special Agent Graham Erickson


Erickson enters



E: My name is Graham. I just spoke with your mom. She’s gonna be waiting right outside the door in case you need her, okay? But just so you know, she can’t hear us. No one can hear us. This room is soundproof. I thought it might be easier for you to tell me what happened if you knew that.

B: Are you also a detective?

E: I’m a special agent. It’s sort of like a detective, but it comes with a cooler badge.

Erickson removes his wallet, flashes his badge

B: Cool!

E: Told you.

Erickson removes a photo from a manila folder, slides it across the table

E: Now, Becky, can you tell me who this man is?

B: That’s Tara’s dad, Doctor D. He’s the one who took us into the woods.

E: And how did you feel about Doctor D? Did you like him?

Becky looks down


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