Why You Should Date A Girl Who Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

Flickr / Danielle Elder
Flickr / Danielle Elder

We’ve all met one. To some she’s the “emotional train wreck.” Others call her the life of the party. She’s the girl whose opinions are never hidden, whose emotions are laid bare. She’s unpredictable. The girl with no filter. A sensitive soul who could jump for joy today yet explode like a volcano tomorrow. She’s fiercely loyal to everyone she loves but will hold the mother of all grudges if you lose her trust. Her eyes have dampened far too many floors, both with tears of joy and tears of sorrow. On the surface, she might seem like a hassle that most guys can do without. Most will think they don’t want the drama that surrounds this diva. She’s the distraction a successful man doesn’t need. Yet the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve is still great girlfriend material…

It’s the dedicated, hard-working males. The men who are most identified with their inner masculine. Those who seem almost obsessed with making gains, meeting goals, and getting ahead. These are the men who will melt at this female’s feet. It’s her flowery feminine energy that attracts these alpha males. This divine femininity which flows through her. It fuels her passion, her emotion, her ability to live and breathe each moment of her existence. It’s why she can spend hours dancing, shopping, or speaking on the phone. It’s why she feels the emotion in every kiss, every scream, every scene in her favorite film. The alpha male lacks this energy. He sacrifices it for more masculine traits but remains naturally attracted to it. And that’s why he’ll always fall for the girl with her heart on her sleeve. He’ll revel in her feminine energy. He’ll feel complete. At the same time, she’ll love the stability and safety this strong male contributes to her crazy lifestyle. The sexual chemistry will spark as fast as a red-hot electrical circuit.

Of course, that doesn’t make their relationship plain sailing. A man won’t understand why this woman can be so angry. Why does she get so upset and stressed in seemingly trivial situations? Why does she pull him up on every little slip? It’s often not his fault, nor hers. It’s her nature to embrace the emotion of the moment. The same feminine energy that drives him wild with desire will bewilder him in day-to-day life.

Don’t be frustrated by this. Embrace it. This fiery female is the ocean. Her emotions are controlled by so many components. She’s complicated, confusing, chaotic. You can’t get to the bottom of it using logic. Instead, feel her like a surfer feels the waves. If you make a mistake, course-correct in the present moment. Don’t use examples from the past or promises for the future. Show her you’re sorry now.

Just like the ocean, this woman will always be unpredictable. You will never fully understand her. But what a naturally beautiful gift she will be for those who learn to handle her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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