Here’s What You Can Expect From A Friendship With Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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INFP: They’ll sit you down and tell you why they’re worried about you.

ENFP: They’ll leave you behind at a public event by accident.

ENTJ: They’ll take over and do a job they assigned you because you weren’t doing it right.

INTJ: They’ll give you the Judgment Stare™.

ISFP: They’ll show you their art, but only if you’re really good friends. Any constructive criticism will be devastating, please avoid.

ESFP: You will randomly see each other in a public place that you would never expect to see them. Will hang out with you there for an hour, probably.

ISTP: They might physically harass you for fun.

ESTP: They will worry you deeply.

INTP: They’ll give you a full-length monologue about their Interesting Thing™ all at a shout because they’re so excited about it.

ENTP: They will involve you in a social experiment, probably without your knowledge or consent.

ESTJ: They’ll declare that they’re commandeering some situation or event while simultaneously declaring that you’re going to help them do it.

ISTJ: They’ll do one of your chores for you.

ESFJ: They will try to organize a party at YOUR house, probably without you knowing until the day of.

ISFJ: They’ll somehow get you to go hiking/backpacking with them.

ENFJ: They’ll tell you about their feelings in passing, but only in vague and cryptic words until you ask the right questions.

INFJ: They will tell you they’re up for social interaction or going to a party, but immediately regret it the moment you get there. TC mark

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