6 Ways To Determine If You Should Marry The Person You’re Currently Dating

istockphoto.com / epicurean
istockphoto.com / epicurean

Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What are some signs you should marry the person you’re with? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.

We each have our own heartfelt signs and reasons for feeling like we should marry the person we are with. I am about as sappy as they come, so my reasons or signs have to work for my wife as well (thank goodness they do and she is sappy too.) Here are a few signs which made me realize I not only love my Michelle, they told me I want to love and cherish her the rest of my life.

1. When I think of being happy, the first person who comes to mind is Michelle.

2. What makes me the happiest is seeing Michelle and our girls happy and hearing them laugh at my foolish, sappy antics.

3. Michelle makes me want to be a better and kinder man and because of her and our girls, I feel like I am a better and kinder man. When the person you love makes you feel like a better version of yourself without trying to change you, you are in a good place with a great partner!

4. When you disagree about anything, you work together and respect each other’s opinion and input. If you are both in the mindset of being part of the solution together as a team and not having to be the one who is right, you are also in a good place with a great partner.

5. You can laugh with and at each other. Let’s face it, none of us are perfect and the expectation of perfection is a farce. A couple who can laugh at themselves and embrace each other’s imperfections and quirks will not only have a healthier relationship, they will be more accepting of flaws and more willing to compromise for the greater good of the relationship.

6. You love them! While this reason may seem overly simplistic, it really is the foundation for these other reasons (in my opinion) to come to fruition. When you truly love your partner, you look for ways to make your relationship better. Part of loving someone, is reminding them how important it is for them to love themselves. When you love someone enough to make sure they are loving themselves, and they do the same for you, you have found a true gem and a partner you should cherish.

If you feel like you are the luckiest guy or girl in the world because of who you are with, then you truly are the luckiest guy or girl in the world.

In the words of Bill Engvall, “Here’s your sign.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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