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Almost Every Way People Can Be Rude On The Subway

Some of us actively loathe riding the subway with a vitriol seldom seen outside of silent movie villainy. Service can be sadistically flaky at times and getting stuck in the Hot and/or Smelly Car is always excruciating, but one of the main reasons why people have such strong feelings about these underground torpedoes is “other people.”

5 Kinds of People Who Take "Apples to Apples" Too Seriously

What do you mean “too obvious”? It’s obvious because that’s exactly what it is. The Great Depression was, in fact, sad. It was an empirically sad time for everybody. No other word here even comes close to the heart of raw sadness, you guys. For one thing, what does depression mean?

Traveling Alone for Introverts

Finally, I decided to stop waiting for the right permutation of schedules and bank accounts, and just get my first trip out of the way. I wanted to see as much of the world as possible, as quickly as possible. I called a travel agent and set a course for Europe. Alone.

Relationship Limbo: The Breakup That Hasn't Happened Yet

The possibility does not escape you that it was this dread itself that caused the very thing you dreaded to happen. A sick joke: whoever is more suspicious that the other person is keeping secrets is always the one who’s worse at holding things back. This time it’s you. The more you try not to give your fears away, the more they seep out of you.