I’m A Girl Who’d Rather Hang Out With Guys

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People always make jokes about girls who say they only hang out with guys because there’s less drama. The fact is, guys have just as much stupid drama as girls, except it’s dealt with differently. So whether you hang with all girls or all guys, you’re going to have nonsense in your life.

I don’t understand why it takes girls three hours to get dressed and do their makeup. In my opinion, eyebrows being on “fleek,” contouring, and whatever “baking” is just doesn’t make sense to me. Also, why does it take so long?! I’d prefer to throw on some leggings and a T-shirt and drink at a bar rather than putting on heels and a dress just to be uncomfortable all night trying to get some guy’s attention.

The downside to having a circle of mostly male friends is it definitely will hinder the dating game. No guy is going to want to break the barricade of dudes surrounding you at a bar to hit on you. They assume one of your crew is your boyfriend or that you’re a slut and having sex with them all.

I’ve had boyfriends, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually been on a date, or maybe I just didn’t realize and thought we were just hanging out. I don’t have a guy to call to come over to “Netflix and chill,” but I have guys I can call at 4 AM when I’m drunk and having a midlife crisis for the eighth time this month. So it’s a tossup—my inbox is filled with messages from guys constantly; however it’s mostly just talking about dumb things. I’m seen as just another guy to my friends, only with boobs. Other guys however, see a girl hanging with all guys and are intimidated and want no part of it.

I’m not sensitive, I don’t know how to date, I curse more than any human should, and I can also probably outdrink you. If a guy wants to date a girly-girl, then he’s not the one for me and that’s not my problem. So until the world presents me with someone who can handle being called a little bitch when they pass out after five beers, I’m good with my guy friends. Besides, they’re way less judgmental when you get blackout drunk and do something stupid. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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