22 Truths I’ve Written In My iPhone Notes

Bruno Gomiero
Bruno Gomiero

1. I think the worst part of not knowing who you are is when somebody else tells you, you have to believe them.

2. Everything is most beautiful when it is kept natural-garden, smiles, and personalities.

3. I’m being absorbed into a thick black wall, and no one’s able to see it except for me. I’m talking to everyone through the wall, and they have no idea.

4. I’m falling apart into broken pieces on the inside, but the outside is being kept together by glue made of thinly veiled dry humor and sarcastic comments.

5. I’ve tried chiseling myself to perfection through a lens of self-hatred, to no avail.

6. When did my home stop feeling like home, and start feeling like just somewhere I grew up?

7. It’s still there, always there; sitting, waiting, silenced by coffee, surface friendships, meaningless pleasantries. But it’s dormant, ever-present, waiting to be all-consuming once again. Just the way it likes to be felt.

8. My ego was heavily saturated with compliments of boys I didn’t like, but wanted to love me.

9. It’s hard to tell when you hurt others, when you yourself are hurting all the time. Hurt is your bottom line to work from.

10. I want to change the fact that the world has an uncanny ability to taint my view of myself, without my input.

11. Depression feels like a quiet blanket of comfort.

12. You minimize my experience because it doesn’t fit into your narrow-minded concept of a relationship.

13. I need to rid my hands of the words which seep through my pores demanding to be spoken with a wave of courage.

14. If my need for validation isn’t fulfilled, inside me there is safety-net. I free fall into the hole inside of me, where I drown in the pool of shame and despair.

15. If you’ve found something or someone that acts as a filler for the hole inside of you, you simply can’t go back to letting the hole be a gaping and unable to ignore.

16. The words left unsaid spoke louder than anything that left your lips that night.

17. My sadness was seeping through the cracks in my idealistic façade.

18. It was like we were both could hear the same high-pitched frequency, that no one else could hear, and therefore fail to understand.

19. My view shifted perspective ever so slightly, nothing else changed but me.

20. The most powerful thing you can do for yourself is let yourself be sad.

21. Nothing is objective reality the way we perceive it, it all depends on how much you believe in yourself

22. There are some that are able to see the storm inside of me, and calm it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I write to get out of my head once and a while.

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