No Matter The Distance Between Us, It’s Me And You Against The World

Toa Heftiba

For nineteen years, I have lived without having the courage to disobey my parents’ will. I have lived along the flow. I’ll do what they want and everything would be alright. With these being said, I’ve been afraid to make my own decisions, to take actions according to my own will. Still, it never bothered me because for me, it was just nothing. Besides, I thought I was happy of what I am doing.

Then, I met you. Things for me started to get complicated. The feeling was new to me. I was afraid to develop a deeper relationship with you because I know that my parents would be against it. Back then, I know to myself that I can’t have you; that I can’t be with you.

Despite the situation, our “friendship” grew stronger. I started to get excited to see you every after class. I want to know more about you, more than what you tell me. I want to know your thoughts, what you’re doing. Anything. Anything that is related to you.

Then I started to notice you, every move that you make. I started to notice how your eyes squints when you laugh. How beautiful they are especially when they sparkle when touched by the rays of the sun. How you laugh even for shallow reasons.

How you pout your lips when you’re getting teased.

Slowly by slowly, I know that I’ve fallen in love with you. After some months of waiting, we started to date. Back then, I realized that all along, I was empty. Though we’re not in an open relationship, we were beyond happy. It was my first time to disobey my parents. I’ve tried to tell them about you but as expected, they were against it and asked me to stay away from you but I know that I just can’t let you go.

Though it’s you and me against the world, we continued our relationship. We find ways to be together, to see each other. We’ve been caught a lot of times but we just shrugged our shoulder. Being with you was the happiest moments of my life. I cherish every moment single moment. It’s like we can conquer the world as long as we’re together. We continued to fight for our love. Despite the struggles, we continued to move on and to love harder.

Now, even if they succeeded on separating us, I assure you, you have my heart. I love you, I love you more than anything. I love you more than you could ever imagine. I love you when you’re at you’re best and I will still love you when you’re at you’re worst. I look forward on waking up in the middle of the night with you by my side. You’re the only one for me. You’re my one and only true love. My greatest love. It’s true that we’re miles apart but our love will keep us together. Let’s look into it as if its another obstacle that we must surpass and after all the struggles, all the waiting, it will be you and me till the end. Together, we will fulfill our promise of love till eternity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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