Why You Should Take Advice With Caution

Like most people, when I was a boy and growing up I was constantly told to listen to their advice. They were older, more experienced and knew more than I did. It seemed legit. I wanted to say my opinion but the irrefutable argument of: listen to your elders, was stronger than any argument that I could come up with.

But a couple of months ago, while I was in the process of publishing my book, it seemed that everybody was a book publisher, adviser, consultant and none the less a prominent figure in the world of legit authority. Suddenly people who have never read a book in their life were giving me their opinion on their take of the story and how I should market it.

And then it dawned on me: What the f*ck do these people know about book publishing? That made me realize the following: Who the f*ck are these people to give me advice on life if they never been where I am?

From that moment on I decided that I would not take people’s advice. Yes, you read me right. I don’t take your advice, neither anybody’s else for the matter… unless I see you as a legit authority in a given field.

I mean if you are Alan Watts, or Joseph Campbell or the Dalai Lama then I will give you 110% of my attention. But if you are just someone who suddenly feels that I must listen to you, just because you are older than me, – event though by my age you had no clue of what you were doing, and you still don’t have. Then excuse me, but I won’t take it.

If you are a published author, a professional editor or an authority in writing. Yes, I will listen to you. But if you are just some friend of mine who spends 9 hours per day playing some online video game and suddenly you have an opinion on my writing style… Well, damn you and your opinion.

If you are Ramit Sethi, Gary Vaynerchuck, Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferriss or Chris Guillebeau then I will listen to you, take notes and follow you. Why? Because you are where I want to be. Simple.

I know that modesty and humbleness are extremely underestimated in our society. But there is a clear diference between being humble and bowing your head to anyone who gives you an opinion. I follow people who have been and are where I want to be, that achieved something that I desire or who see the world through a certain pair of lenses that I enjoy.

I know that everybody is a wise person and has a certain degree of experience in life, but the truth is that if you keep walking you will reach a point where by a much younger age you have done more, have more experience and more in field knowledge that 90% of people out there.

If you listen to Alan Watts’s lectures or Tim Ferriss’ podcast before going to sleep, why do you listen to somebody opinion as soon as you wake up?

Be balanced. Be wise. Listen carefully.

If your father was having an heart attack and I showed up trying to assist while I have no medical experience or knowledge would you take my advice? Hopefully notYou get my point.


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