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The Love You Deserve Will Show Up When You Least Expect It

The love you deserve will show up when you least expect it. You longed for this love your entire life. It will show up like a thief in the night to steal your heart. This love will take your breath away. When it shows up, it will confuse you because you never thought this love existed, especially for someone like you. You’ve always thought that someone like you could never be loved. You’ve questioned if you will always be alone because you have not encountered this love yet. You’ve prayed for this love and for the longest time, but this prayer was not answered. So you move through life longing for this love, but to no avail.

You are used to being disappointed by love and your heart being broken into a million little pieces. You are used to crying yourself to sleep, wondering why love has evaded you once again. You start to wonder if there is something wrong with you, because you keep coming up short from love. You see your friends finding the love that you desperately want and it stings. You are happy for them, but you wonder when it will finally be your turn. You are used to being second best and accepting crumbs from your partners. You go above and beyond, thinking that this will get you chosen, but it will never be enough for the wrong person.

No matter what you do, the wrong person will never love you in the way that you deserve. They will never see you in the way that you see them. The disappointment will be crippling, and you wonder to yourself why you continue to seek out love. You will get discouraged, but a little voice in your heart will tell you not to give up. It will tell you to still believe and continue to pray for the love that you deserve.

The love you deserve will never take you for granted. It will be kind and patient. This love will make you feel safe and cared for. You will feel seen and heard. You will show up in the fullness of yourself and feel accepted. This love will be worth the wait. This love will show you parts of yourself that you never thought existed. This love will be incomparable to anything that you have ever experienced. This will be the love that you deserve.

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