I’m Not Sure What I Do Want From You, But Here’s What I Don’t Want


I will never be okay with a man who isn’t emotionally invested in me. I don’t care where your monetary stakes are, I call dibs on your emotional shares. You can’t make me feel small, so that you look bigger. You cannot blow off my light to make yours shine brighter. You must grow, climb your share of stairs, and strive for greatness you think you deserve without messing with my equilibrium. Do not ever question or mock my beliefs or faith to make yours seem right. You must know I don’t believe in absolutes. If you like me, all these goodies come along. You don’t get to pick the universe and throw the asteroids and planets you don’t like. They are here for a reason; they may not make sense to you; which by no means mean they make no sense at all. Like I said, I don’t believe in absolutes.

Humiliation in public would require an apology in public. Preferably the same public.

I don’t say ‘no’ too often but when I do, I mean it almost every time. And when I say no, do not persuade me. I may give in but I promise, you will eventually regret the persuasion. Do not try to teach me where I belong; we are both fully grown functional adults. I took a long time to get where I am, most of which are consequences of choices I made. Some were bitter pills, some best lessons. None of which I regret. I will not mould you into anything, would you do the same for me too? Let us concentrate on acceptance before alterations.

Do not ridicule my hobbies, or the music I grew up with. And in return I promise to shut up through all your matches and video games.

I’d cut my arm to prove my loyalty to you, but I wouldn’t move a finger if you questioned it. I am a paradox; accept it as soon as you understand it. I will keep you safe if you do not fiddle with my crazy.

I may not know what I want from you, but I do know what I don’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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