What I Learned From Quitting my Job

To my fellow yuppies, you probably had suicidal thoughts. You probably wanted to quit months ago but can’t or already did. You probably wished you were still in Uni and not handling bills and taxes. This is for you. Note: I am not going to convince you to quit.

I am 21-years-old. I just quit my job that I’ve had since August last year. I wanted to quit after two months (to be honest) but I told myself I am not a quitter. Working in the corporate world is unlike uni. The first few months made me wonder how people do this every day. How do people remain in the same job?

I wanted to prove that the hardship I was going through was part of the learning experience and me transitioning out of the student mindset.

The job was hard on the first few months, everything I learned in uni doesn’t apply in the corporate world. So if you’re a fresh grad and reading this, if you think having a professor is tough, wait till you get a boss. The most important thing I got from uni that I was able to use in the corporate world was patience and guts.

My dear fellow yuppie, if you are planning to quit or have thought of it. I want to tell you these:

Learn to cope

You will get yelled at. You will feel like are not treated well or under appreciated. You will feel like you don’t deserve this. All those negative thoughts will push you to the bridge of surrender and resignation.

I’ve been yelled at and there were days I thought about dying 72 times but I’ve learned to keep in mind the “I’m not a quitter” mentally and took the hits bravely.

Don’t quit because things are difficult, learn to cope. I’ve learned that as masochistic as it sounds, it toughens you up.

Have a personal valid reason when you quit

If the idea of quitting feels like the only way to go sane again, have a PERSONAL valid reason. I have this personal rule that I am not quitting until I’ve used all my cards and haven’t reached the point where the only thing I was looking forward to was going home.

I’ve used the “charge it to experience” card, the ever famous “everyone is going through the same shit” card and even the “I like my workmates too much to quit” card.

It tested my patience and my ability to remain true to my word.

Don’t just leave, have a plan after

If you already have the personal valid reason, make sure you don’t just quit because a switch just flipped. We’re no longer students who can just have another go or run to our parents for allowance. Make sure you send that resignation letter when you already have a company waiting for you.

You probably think you deserve a vacation, that’s what long weekends are for! You don’t want to go to the bum life. I wouldn’t. I hope you too.

If you’re already decided, leave gracefully

I’ve been with these people for almost a year. I’ve shared myself and have learned so much from them. They deserve a proper goodbye, not bad blood.

Leaving gracefully can never be underestimated. Just because you are resigning, it doesn’t give you a ticket to be such an ass.

And most importantly, never feel guilty

Giving that (final final) resignation letter was indeed heartbreaking. I felt guilty after. I went through this roller coaster of emotions that I’m doing this for a reason that reverts back to everything I’m about to let go of.

I eventually came to a realization that I was first and foremost doing this for myself. Never feel guilty for something you will do for your happiness and growth. It’s no one’s task to help me grow but myself and this is one of those things, why should I feel guilty? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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