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Memories Of You Come In Waves

Memories of you come in waves.
Slowly I feel them creeping up, lapping at my toes when suddenly,
they violently throw me.
Engulf me.
I’m drowning.
I don’t try to swim.
I don’t try to breathe.
They surround me, I am powerless to their strength.
They make my vision go black and force me to see
every smile, every laugh, every kiss.
They make me feel every salty crash, every sandy burn,
every touch of you.
Their darkness wraps around me and pulls me to the place I don’t want to go back to,
to the place I told myself I would never go back to.
And suddenly, I open my eyes.
I can see the sun, the trees.
I can feel my clothes dry, without a trace of blue.
I put my hand on my heart and I feel it beating.
But with every beat, I feel the spot on my heart that you tore.
I feel the pull of the scarred flesh, I feel the sting of the salt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark