9 Not-So-Subtle Differences Between The Chill Girl And The Cool Girl

 Caleb Frith
Caleb Frith

There seems to be a major discrepancy between the nuances of being the Cool Girl and being the Chill Girl.

The Chill Girl stems from the initial Needy Girl. Let’s be brutally honest here– almost all women are needy girls, because neediness is an arbitrary term. Women are emotional creatures and at most, we can only tolerate a certain amount of disinterest from a male counterpart to either cling to him further and be used; or to simply walk away.

Eventually, we learn that we are required to be more chilled, apathetic almost, to the indifference of our partners. After all, being in a so-called relationship feels so much safer than to be single; until you liberate yourself.

For the Chill Girls out there, please wake up. Be the Cool Girl again.

What draws the line between the Cool Girl and the Chill Girl?

The Cool girl practices self-love.
The Chill girl needs some kind of external validation of being.

The Cool girl dates with standards and choice.
The Chill girl dates whoever and goes along with their plans.

The Cool girl does not play games.
The Chill girl won’t acknowledge it when a guy is constantly shitting on her.

The Cool girl knows who she is — separate from all relationships.
The Chill girl morphs into whoever her boyfriend wants her to be.

The Cool girl will call guys out on their bullshit.
The Chill girl let things slide.

The Cool girl respects boundaries of herself and her partner.
The Chill girl has no boundaries of her own.

The Cool girl observes how she is being treated on a daily basis.
The Chill girl takes the pain.

The Cool girl knows when to walk away.
The Chill girl is being a doormat.

The Cool girl is happier being single.
The Chill girl is terrified of her loneliness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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