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My Brief Affair With Katie Holmes

Then, five women in the standard Scientology uniform of the day — light blue dress shirts and pleated navy khakis — marched through the door. Finally, she emerged, glowing, pregnant, the fragile queen, Katie Holmes.

An Open Letter To Kids Today

I generally think you’re all very nice and I appreciate the way you all brought mom jeans back in style right around the time I had a second baby so I can tuck my FUPA in a high waistband while still looking on trend. Thank you for that.

About That Time I Was Allegedly A Chronic Sexual Harasser

Part of my job was arranging displays of art books, many of which were racy, but not in a way that bothered me because I was a third-wave sex-positive feminist who had taken a semester-long course on female sexuality. As part of my class, I’d written feminist erotica and was empowered to squat over a mirror.