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How To Know If You’re A Star Seed

Have you ever felt like the odd one out in your group of friends or even in your family? Have you ever felt like Earth wasn’t really your home and that you are longing for something more?

You are not alone.

For the past couple of years, many have started to wake up to the fact that their soul has origins beyond this Earth. And with the current global situation, we have had more time than ever before to journey within.

This slow down of our outer reality has shifted huge waves of people into the inner knowing that they are in fact star seeds. How do you know if you are one of them?

Here’s what you need to know.

What is a star seed?

Depending on who you ask, definitions vary. In my opinion, there is no “exact” meaning of what a star seed is. However, I identify most with this explanation. A star seed is “a person who, while human in appearance, is actually a human-ET hybrid who has a mission on earth to help raise the vibration of the planet by raising human consciousness… Most star seeds have psychic and/or healing gifts.” – Bluelightworker

For some, the star seed confirmation could come through in lucid dreams or meditation. However, some people may actually see UFOs, be contacted directly or indirectly by higher dimensional beings (especially as children), or they can also be met with gentle but persistent signs from the universe.

It also bears mentioning that some may go through a near-death experience and then wake up with this inner knowing that they are here for a higher purpose. No matter what happens, it is always accompanied by deep inner-knowing that you can’t forget.

What are some common experiences?

For many star seeds, learning to integrate this newfound identity into the material world can prove difficult. How do we merge the metaphysical with the physical? It’s not always a simple answer, because most of what we have been taught about our physical reality is an illusion.

Looking back on our lives, many people who are star seeds felt extremely alienated as children. They may have felt different from those around them and felt like they didn’t fit in with their peers or family.

This can cause the soul to feel like there is something inherently wrong with them, and this in turn can cause them to turn off their healing and psychic abilities. However, this does not leave us, and we can also carry these subconscious programs into our adult lives.

These programs act like a virus and can show up as insecurities, blocked energy, fear, karmic cycles, negative attachments, or simply settling for life inside your comfort zone. As star seeds, one of the most important lessons we come here on Earth to learn and share is that we all hold the keys to awakening and healing ourselves and others.

The truth is, we are all inherently psychic, and we can all tap into the gifts of healing. Due to human conditioning and life experiences, we have simply “forgotten” these abilities.

How do you know which star system you come from?

I believe that it doesn’t matter which star civilization you feel most aligned with, because most of us have had multiple incarnations on many different planets. This is because all points in space and time are connected. Our soul is constantly seeking experiences that help it to expand into unity consciousness, not only in this present moment but for all possible timelines.

Therefore, multiple incarnations on different planets are truly helpful from a soul perspective. Just think of all the lessons your soul could learn by incarnating on planets where most living beings choose to embody true love, greed, or even advanced spiritual science. It’s like going to study abroad in a different country. You leave that experience completely changed and with a fresh perspective about how you view the world and your life in it. It’s the same with star seeds.

Knowing which civilizations you connect with most is not as important as knowing who you are. Tap into what feels right for you and see where it leads you.

Why now?

It is my understanding that many star seeds are incarnated at this particular time on Earth because we are going through a massive planetary shift into unity consciousness. What does this mean? Well, simply look around you.

We’ve already seen the beginnings of this shift in recent years. We’ve seen polarization and purging as old paradigms are pushed up from the collective consciousness to be healed.

However, we must detach from the energies of division, greed, and manufactured scarcity/fear and instead choose love, acceptance, and compassion. For the entire world to do this, everyone must remember their purpose for this life, all while letting go of outdated conditioning.

The truth is, if you are on this planet right now, you are a star seed. You are a soul that volunteered to go through the veil of forgetfulness and to reawaken to the truth of who you are as a multi-dimensional being in human form.

Deep within you, you know that the power to change your life and the lives of others are not found outside of yourself, but infinitely within.

You just have to trust and surrender.

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