How To Honor The Goddess Within

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Rhett Wesley

The Goddess energy is primal and ancient. For thousands of years, the energy of the feminine has been abused, used and shamed.

We are finally in a time where both the masculine and the feminine energies are coming into balance. Why is this so important?

Just take a quick look at the recent headlines: many women are speaking up about sexual abuse and harassment. Women are finding their voices, and men are willing to support them.

The energy of the goddess has always been within you. This energy is not tied to gender. We all have both masculine and feminine within us.

I think of the masculine energy as action and the feminine energy as receptivity. During our day to days lives we utilize both energies whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Here are some simple ways in which you can honor the Goddess within and change your life forever:

1. Look people in the eyes

I performed a sort of experiment the last time I was in Paris. I’m someone who used to be quite shy and could never look anyone in the eyes. After living in France, I noticed how the French don’t shy away from eye contact.

When I was walking in the streets in Paris, I decided to look people in the eyes. What happened was transformative. I felt empowered. I felt sexy. I felt like my best self.

I felt like I wasn’t hiding from who I was anymore.

If you don’t feel comfortable looking strangers in the eyes, that’s fine. Start small. Start looking close family and friends in the eyes when you talk to them. Then, little by little try to extend that to strangers.

2. Don’t need, attract

In our day to day lives it can be easy to fall into the energy of over-giving. Our boundaries get watery, and we simply don’t know when to release control or walk away all together.

The feminine energy is feeling, emotion. We feel so deeply that we inherently care so deeply too.

When you can reign in your energy instead of projecting outward constantly, something truly magical happens.

For example, I like to think of two magnets with a positive and negative polarity. When both magnets are giving the same energy, they repel. If both magnets are giving the opposite energy, they attract. So, this means that to receive what you desire you must learn to create space and focus within yourself.

The easiest way to practice this at first is allowing someone to do something for you. This can be as simple as having a co-worker pick up a shift for you or letting someone open the door for you.

I challenge you to not be afraid to say “yes” when someone offers to do something nice for you. I know that I too often fall into the habit of kindly refusing, because I don’t want to be a bother or show that I need help.

The Goddess in you doesn’t care. She just wants to feel supported.

3. Nurture your flaws

We talk about how important it is to love your flaws, but no one talks about how hard that is. It’s a cycle. It’s like peeling off the layers of an onion. I think I’ve accomplished self-love and acceptance and then I get a zit or I say something horrible to someone I care about…

It’s not easy. It’s a process. The Goddess within you doesn’t see flaws. “Flaws” are created by humans, therefore they are an illusion. They are someone else’s version of reality. You don’t have to accept them as “flaws.” You can just accept them as you.

You can settle safely into the comfort of knowing that the universe is only teaching you how to come back to love. Every experience, every hardship is a lesson in how to love yourself and others more.

Nurture your imperfections. They make you the Goddess you are.

4. Allow

Such a small word, such a hard thing to do. We all know we will be happier once we can accept where we are or what’s currently going on in our lives, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

The Goddess within you takes a deep breath and knows that anything he/she could possibly desire is already within reach. Every possible outcome you can think of already exists. Settle into that comfort and let the rest flow.

5. Create

Create more than you consume. Now, you don’t have to go and become the next Picasso. I’m talking about writing a “thank you” letter, or writing in your journal every morning.

Create a blog post you’ve always wanted to. Create a poem…whatever tickles your fancy. But there is one requirement: it must be fun.

And no, homework or a work assignment does not count.

You have a passion. You have something that lights you up from the inside. Fan that flame.

The Goddess in you is calling.

It’s easy to let her fall to the wayside under the heavy burden of everyday life. It’s easy to pretend like your life isn’t flying by at a thousand miles per hour.

But if you are here reading this article, it’s a sign that the energy of the Goddess is already within you. Don’t be afraid to be who you really are. I know you can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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