17 Greatest Disparaging Thought Catalog Zingers


“I think if you had shown Thought Catalog to the world back in the late 90s, we would’ve made damn sure to save print media.”— Juggly D, The Posting Maniac


“Me-centric angst dump Thought Catalog is like some superhuman internet time-wasting android, rotely performing ever more jaw-dropping feats of repetitive navel-gazing as we wait nervously for the moment that it will become self-aware and DESTROY US ALL.” — Hammy Nolan


“Thought Catalog is a blog written by pretty much whoever wants to write for it (read: mostly teenagers and young twenty-somethings who have spent far too much time on Tumblr). It’s mostly filled with their overly earnest attempts at cultural criticism and irony, in a totally unironic way, as well as rhetorical questions about being young and in love and broke. It is insufferable.” — A very serious/rich intellectual


“Thought Catalog has to be one of them parody sites the kids love, right?” — Dear Zeus


“Maybe there will come a time when the initials TC will only remind me of a gingered, short story author with the last name Boyle. But until then all that I will think about is the unrequited promise of something more. A promised land turned to ash. Who knows maybe we’ll find each other again and things will be different. Maybe we’ll be able to figure out what went wrong without making a list or writing a DIY on how to fix it, but I can’t wait around for that. So, farewell Thought Catalog.” — Jonathan Male


“Thought Catalog should stick to “10 things white people do in their 20’s” type articles. Leave serious discussions to serious publications…” — BalaclavaDiscourse


“Holy shit I have never seen Thought Catalog before. This is where failed writers go to die, yes?Every post I see begins with a statement that could win the Bulwer-Lytton Prize.” — A. Nonie Meus



“The headlines alone are enough to make you want to give up on the internet altogether. I mean, nothing that gives those people a platform for their writing can be ultimately positive, can it?” — sarasasa


“This is powerfully dumb.” — LarryWong


“Thought Brochure is a content-centric world wide website with emphasis on consumability, user-relational metrics, quality of value, and originality. Simply put; it’s a place to read about thoughts that you are too busy to think about yourself, but would like to think about, and probably do think about when you have time to think but normally you don’t because you live a busy life.” — TC Parody


“I give up on this website.” — Lavinia


“thought catalogue is fucking lame. its all dumb lists of shit you don’t care about. hey check out 12 things your dog might say if he were a 50’s beat poet or 23 things you need to know before getting a colon cleanse in Guatemala. how about 35 punch lines Louis CK did in his last tour? or 15 iguanas your HAVE to see to believe? gag.” – Matt Backe


It’s like I’m reading a friends’ diary and I’m really really disappointed and embarrassed by what I am seeing. Luckily I don’t know these people but it’s all still very disconcerting. and by diary of course I mean their ‘thought catalog.’ – Swan


You know, I try really hard not to comment. REALLY HARD. But we’ve gotten to the point where I can’t tell if Thought Catalog is employing people who are just really shitty at crafting jokes and sarcasm or if they’re just actual bona fide idiots. – Tyler


“Thought Catalog as an institution did not learn any lessons.” – Alex Dunn


The idea of thoughts as items in a ‘catalog’ is the sliest commentary on the total penetration of commodification in our age. — Jeremy Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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