40 Hilarious Ways To End Your Next Email That You’ll Really Wish You Could Use

via Flickr - Ben Grey
via Flickr – Ben Grey
  1. Insincerely, Steve Walsh
  2. Lukewarm, Allan Holbrook
  3. Coldest, Stacy Williams
  4. You’re Welcome, Terrance Wallach
  5. Done, Greg Peterson
  6. Just Kidding, Hailey Copper
  7. I’m Not, Rex Bowman
  8. I Am, Penny Sterling
  9. Never, Justin Cook
  10. Sometimes, Dave Smith
  11. Periodically, Faye Goldstein
  12. Alright, Mary Delafield
  13. Answer Me, Kenny Melbourne
  14. Help, Zach Johnson
  15. Quickly Now, William Urbanski
  16. Don’t Laugh, Dick Roberts
  17. Worst, Jill Klein
  18. Disregards, Patty Freeman
  19. Not Guilty, Stan Knoxville
  20. Take That, James Ellis
  21. Oops, Vincent Altman
  22. Scratch That, Aaron Upton
  23. Yes, Rachel Black
  24. No, Darren Forman
  25. Maybe, Don O’Neill
  26. Everybody Loves, George Caldwell
  27. Oh And I’m Gay, Your Son
  28. P.S., Karen Osborne
  29. Fuck You, Nick Hewitt
  30. Swiftest, Jack Sinclair
  31. Thanks Forever, Valerie Skudar
  32. Finally, Carrie Silberstein
  33. Ugh, Harry Mooney
  34. Whoa, Eugene Walker
  35. Here Comes My Name, Dolores Quentin
  36. Easily Forgettable, Yolanda White
  37. I’m Illiterate, Randy Morgan
  38. Make It Happen, Steven Teller
  39. Be Adequate, Gary Marx
  40. Eventually, Daisy Forbes Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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