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Transcription Of A Dream Written Upon Waking

I married into a Filipino family for sexual availability of the sister, to which I would not have been blood-related, and discovered the matriarch only used plastic cups and paper plates, like there were towers upon towers of Dixie plasticware everywhere.

Rap Economics

Lil Wayne, a permanent tear tattoo marking its descent, “need[s] a Winn-Dixie grocery bag full of money,” and I wonder why he doesn’t just drop it in a CD or IRA account, whose interest rates alone could buy a new grill

My Technological Situation At Home

I walk over to my desk, on which both devices are presently being charged, and release each duplicate notification by going into their respective mirror Twitter apps and confirming what I already know to be true, that one of my followers — as corroborated in a tab on my MacBook Air (7) — had favorited a tweet, which I find affirmation in for 20-25 seconds.

Brunch Report

A large group of women were seated next to us having what I assume was some “girl’s brunch out,” the first of many consumption oriented events (e.g. shopping, manicures, massages) they would mutually experience throughout the day.

Likely Fictional Texts

This was in 1993, before smartphones, otherwise a quick text to Sam the man would have really conveyed the direct correlation between her sentiments and presence atop the tall building.

Review On Twerking

The mean range of a twerking video is around 3:00 minutes, generally well-received with a like-to-dislike ratio of 10:1, anywhere ranging from ~20,000 to +2,000,000 views. In short, the public has gladly accepted twerking into their lives.

Cassette Story I: Charles in Charge

In junior high, I was deeply, irrevocably, and violently in love with Nicole Eggert, who played Jamie in Charles in Charge (1987-1990), starring Scott Baio as a live-in caregiver to the Powell family, in which Jamie was the eldest and most sultry daughter.

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