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A Lesson in Restroom Zen

This is my view when I’m urinating in the Men’s restroom at work. If you look at the picture—and trust me, it’s even more intense in person—you will notice an array of “pulsating dots” coming from the grout where four tiles converge. I invite you to do this now.

Ass Hairs: I Have a Problem

My body is similar in touch to a dolphin’s. Yet – and by the title of this article I think you know where I’m going – I have extremely long ass hairs, up to 2-inches. Not only are my ass hairs easily the longest hairs on my body, but I would argue they are longer than any hairs on your body; unless, of course, you fashion long hair.

Philosophical Curiosities Concerning My Missing Socks

I have two feet and wear two socks (known as a “pair”) simultaneously, until they are put directly into a laundry basket, where they stay unbothered until they are loaded, bi-weekly, into a washing machine in a laundry room approximately 40 ft. from my condominium unit for 33 minutes, then—perhaps with a ~10-12 minute “window period”—placed into the dryer for 45 minutes, then solemnly retrieved…

Review of Big Sausage Pizza

Big Sausage Pizza is a porn franchise featuring male delivery men who ostensibly deliver pizzas with centers cut out, through which their cocks manifest for unsuspecting patrons, who once shocked, are eventually seduced by such evocative measures.

Diagnosing Depressives in Popular Film

Ed is only half-human, and his maker died before he was finished. He has scissors for hands and deep scars all over his face. One can safely assume his is a virgin, and probably failed at masturbating. He lives on a lonely hill, at the edge of town. He looks like he would enjoy Joy Division, but alas, has no CD player.

Derogatory Names for Guys

The following categories of guys are named after either intimate body parts or their contraptions. Although of casual vernacular and interchanged freely, a true cultural artisan should seek to employ them with demographic accuracy.

How To Be Single

Eat disappointing salad for lunch in efforts to lose weight, as you plan on dating soon. Remind yourself of Maxim article you read saying that women liked “ripped abs,” and worry if your unrealistic quest for such abs is a little douchey.

Music Video Open Letters

I get it. You don’t care about “stuff,” like the music industry, life in general, and whatever. You live in New York and your band The Strokes are the languid Godsons of punk. And it’s all rather precious and charming, but watch where you’re throwing that mic stand, because you just might hit that Production Assistant whose life isn’t so hot right now…

5 Judgmental Strangers

The judgmental stranger is a growing breed of somewhat unhappy people who have the need to make themselves feel better by judging others, often accompanied by self-ambivalence and misdirected anger. While the religiously fervent Muslim and Christian are the “classic” judgmental strangers, we shall explore other types, perhaps in demographic overlap with this kind readership.

Ethnographical Survey of Beverages

Many social functions are clarified and maintained by this fermented grape juice. It can serve as “admission” to dinner parties, as the host implicitly expects guests to bring a ~$15-20 bottle in order to offset the cost of food—as chronicled in a Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza laments having to buy a bottle for a party.

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