Dear Depressive: What Do I Eat Tonight?

Dear Depressive,

I went to Whole Foods and stared at the vegetables and grains, paralyzed with a sense of absurdity, kept thinking “eating is already stupid, how can I even cook.” Everybody at Whole Foods seemed smugly evolved and politically well-adjusted, like they were confident holding their organic fennel or something. I think I might be even more depressed than you. I want to die right now, but I am also hungry. What the fuck do I make for dinner tonight?


Always Somewhat Suicidal


Dear ASS,

I know how you feel, sorry buddy. Your dopamine levels are really low, and you need some reward signaling mechanism in your brain quick – and this calls for high levels of saturated fat and sodium. Tonight you will eat what I eat when I’m depressed: Death Crunch. This entails going to the corner store and buying a large 10.5 oz (297.6 g) bag of chips (preferably Lay’s “classic,” but Ruffles or tortilla chips will work) and a six-pack of beer (preferably IPA or porter). Also be sure to get a jar of nacho cheese. You will need a can opener.

You should have various canned things in your home. I’m talking about canned tuna, clams, sardines, anchovies, or spam. You should also have jarred things like pickles, capers, artichoke hearts, roasted bell peppers, etc. If you don’t have these things, you may use canned soup, but that is not encouraged. If you happen to have some chili, then you fucking rock.

I think you know where I’m going. That’s right bitch, turn up some Led Zeppelin and take off your shirt now. We about to get fucked up bro. Now take all the canned and jarred things you can find and chop them up – somewhere between “rustic” and “anal” – into a large mixing bowl. Now drop the potato chips on the floor, make a tiny slit with a knife so the air can come out, and roll over the bag 3-4 times with your shirtless body, so that the chips are crushed, without becoming “dust.” Empty these breadcrumbs to-the-extreme into the bowl, seasoning with paprika, cumin, or sweet curry (if you’re feeling exotic) or oregano, rosemary, and thyme (if you’re feeling white). Empty jar of nacho cheese into the bowl, “lubing” up said constituents. (If you weren’t able to procure nacho cheese, supplement with either butter or mayonnaise.) Slide pre-Death Crunch into a shallow/broad baking sheet, ideally 2″ deep, gently padding the culinary love shards with your hands. Broil at 400Β° for 12-15 minutes. It’s okay if you have a mild boner.

Guess what motherfucker. Take a wild guess what bounty you will behold when you open the oven door like a Sylvia Plath who no longer wants to die. It’s called “Death Crunch,” in case you missed it the first time. You know how people walk over hot coals with spiritual fervor? Well, these are your hot coals, and yous about to get enlightened. Remember that six pack you landed with a faded crumpled Hamilton? Drink a crisp ol’ boy, and repeat five times. By the way, there should be some gin in the freezer, if you got any sense in this cruel world. This is how the story ends. Death Crunch will enter your mouth, your heart, and finally your veins. It’s at least 20 years from your heart attack, so enjoy your youth. Death Crunch is a personal coup, shouted through the megaphone of fuck yeah, that life — while meaningless of oft defined by love’s failures and heart’s seizures — might just be worth living a little wee bit more. And don’t worry if you don’t finish your Death Crunch, it’s even better the next day.

Take care,

Jimmy TC mark


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    • Jimmy Chen

      ur tumblr would have fucking rocked…

      • EmiliaBedelia

        Is Jimmy Chen making an absolutely brilliant joke about the highly problematic mass-culturization of Anne Frank's diary as the iconic Shoah experience? or is he merely making a joke about pointless tumblr content?

  • christopher lynsey


  • Meh

    While I definitely don't have a boner for Death Crunch, I definitely DO have a boner for your writing, Mr. Chen.

    • Jimmy Chen

      that's a compliment boner bro, 4 realz

  • Anon

    hehehehehehehehe “Dear ASS”


    • elaine


  • Barbarian

    holy shit someone on this site who can write

  • Jimmy Chen

    anyone who makes “death crunch” and emails me a pic i'll post on my website as ongoing 'life meets art' meta-culinary experience

  • simbel

    That actually sounds tasty.

  • stephen


    i just ate chips and salsa con queso with beer

    i often feel absurd and paralyzed at the grocery store

  • ALI G
  • Peter T. Bedu

    I will be throwin down on some Death Crunch once my desire to eat reemerges

    • Jimmy Chen

      anorexia 0: death crunch 1

      do the math bro…

  • elaine

    i luv jimmy chen

    • Jimmy Chen


  • extremeith

    ASS, i wonder if you will be less depressed if you straight up go to 7/11 and pick up HURRICAINE brand malt liquor and some microwavable burritos as a way to bypass the facebook kind of calculated happiness on display you see in whole foods

    • Jimmy Chen

      sweet ass facebook/happy diss

  • eric

    2 depressed 2 make death crunch

  • RamonaCC

    Wouldn't it hurt to roll over the chips with your shirtless body? I know they're in a bag but still…

  • Jody Fossler

    i wonder what it's like to be jimmy chen. probably it's awesome.

  • Tsubaki

    1. Wander aimlessly around the kitchen
    2. Repeatedly open the fridge, and sit in front of it with the door wide open. Retrieve nothing.
    3. Subtly rifle through your roommates' cupboards.
    4. Pilfer a cup or two of corn-based rainbow cereal from your least-favorite roomie.
    5. Eat it back in your room, dry or with water, because you have no milk.
    6. Fall asleep under your bed, and wake up with carpet tattoos all over your face.


      its you; ur my least-favorite roommate eating my food. i h8 u

  • Brian McElmurry

    Wow! fucking amazing. “It's okay if you have a mild boner” LOL

  • TyTheLandStander


    You're welcome.

  • hehehe

    you were supposed to sign off as 'depressive' ):

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