7 Reactions to The Piano Teacher

The Piano Teacher (2001) chronicles the psychological, emotional, and sexual pathologies of a lonely pianist whose obsession with her pupil turns from bad to worse. Known for transgressing boundaries and his ambivalence towards the audience, director Michael Haneke has evoked the following reactions from this contributor, whose sensibilities in film are fairly mainstream and conventional.

1. Sniffing semen in porn booth

This woman must be really lonely; at my worst (before the internet), I’ve ventured into porn booths to watch porn, but never thought about masturbating because it was gross: semen on the floor, its distinct smell, the faint rumble of other men jerking off in adjacent booths, etc. The irony with porn booths is that it’s a very asexual place, completely non-arousing and somewhat clinical. That this lady leafed through the trash to find and smell some random man’s cum was like “damn lady, you got issues,” which was sort of what I said the entire film. It’s odd how she used gloves, like she thought it was gross too, or maybe she didn’t want to leave her fingerprints.

Colloquial reaction: “Damn.”


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  • Rodger

    Will someone please leave a real comment?

  • http://twitter.com/_justvibing @_justvibing

    lol classic jimmy chen

  • Bensaucier

    this is on netflix instant view. I'm on the handjob scene. I don't think I'll sleep well tonight. Thanks Jimmy Chen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adamhump Adam Humphreys

    I currently own 2 DVD copies of this film… if someone wants one follow me on twitter and tweet at me or something, I will send to you

  • 00001

    Gotta see this now

  • http://brianmcelmurry.blogspot.com/ Brian McElmurry

    They should have just had their freaky, dirty sex, and gone on with their lives.

  • Online Alias

    What exactly makes you think, he is an “Anglo-European” (whatever that is)?

    • http://jimmychenchen.com/ Jimmy Chen

      I'm (informally) using “Anglo” to mean white, a hue — however culturally constructed — evident on his face; and he's European because he's French, and French people are European, as France is a part of Europe. Thank you for the whiff of solemnity, though.

  • Walter

    Jimmy Chen: A God among men.


    I don't really understand why you've identified these specific 7 moments in the film as being unusual or strange. What could be more normal than semen-sniffing, mother-fucking and self-stabbing? Sounds like a regular Saturday night.

  • LDN

    crepes or something.


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