5 ‘WTF’ People Every College Grad Meets During Their First Job Hunt

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1. The super loyal employee in love with the company

This one is adorably proud of the company so most of their questions will be company related and followed by a company compliment e.g.:

Interviewer:Why do you want to work here?

You: “I want to work here because it’s a very recognized organization.”

Interviewer: “That’s true! We are among the top 5 companies in the world; also we have won every award in the universe and our boss is super funny and smart and handsome…”

2. The egotistical showoff in a rush

They have a very important position and they want you to know it. Also they are running late for a conference call with… well; you don’t know exactly with whom, but it might as well be with Darth Vader because it seems that this meeting will determine the destiny of our galaxy. Because of it all, the interview will last about 2 minutes in which they will glance at your C.V. with a poker face and then stare at their phones every 5 seconds while you awkwardly try to win them over, not being quite sure if they’re even listening.

3. The freshly graduated first timer interviewer

This person is eager to join the working adult world but has really no experience, so they will preform a textbook interview step by step. This includes applying the Rorschach’s test, making you draw a house with a family, and asking you silly questions such as “what kind of plant would you be”; just to make sure they’re not hiring a sociopath.

4. The one who has no idea how to interview

Maybe the person supposed to interview you called in sick that morning, so this one got stuck with the task. They really don’t know what to ask you so they end up looking for personality compatibility and making small talk. They will ask you about your family, your astrological sign, and if you ever met their cousin Sally who went to the school you listed at your C.V.; they will comment on the weather and on your shoes. You will probably not get the job because there’s no way they will be capable of reporting any of your qualities (other than “I like that she is a Virgo, I’ve heard they are really neat”); but you will definitely be glad when this blind date kind of interview lasts.

5. The one who doesn’t trust you and wants proof of what you’re saying

The position you’re looking to fill used to belong to a guy that got fired because he lied at his interview and it turned out he wasn’t qualified at all. So the person interviewing you now has a lot of trust issues. You say you can spell so they make you take a spelling test, you say you speak Spanish so they start speaking in Spanish (with a poor vocabulary and a terrible accent by the way) and expecting you to follow the conversation. During the interview they already want to see every diploma, your I.D., call your former employer and maybe even your mother. I mean, you are not lying and have nothing to hide, so you’re ok with them verifying, but still, WTF. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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