5 Lame Excuses We All Have For Not Working Out

via Flickr - Amanda G
via Flickr – Amanda G

Working out is really hard because:

1. It takes up more than an hour

There are many who claim exercise only takes up an hour of your day. Well, maybe it does; if we are not counting the rest of the ritual like getting dressed and ready beforehand, preparing your breakfast/snacks, getting there (if you workout in a gym or park), the after shower, and of course the tons of laundry. Which altogether will add up more or less another hour to the whole thing, and lets face it; two hours total off your day is just too much.

2. The time is never right

There will always be a perfectly good excuse. You will always be short on time, or too tired from your job or wanting to rest because it’s your only day off. I mean you deserve to rest! It is your day off and there’s a Law and Order marathon on TV!

3. It’s too difficult

Working out is not glamorous; it’s sweaty and arduous. The first times you try on cardio you will get exhausted, you will even lose your breath. Try doing a couple of pushups or squats and tell me if it doesn’t hurt. I mean you are literally shaking; obviously you can’t do this.

4. Gyms are awful

Gyms are full of bionic people who can run nonstop on a treadmill and lift a hundred pounds with one finger. They are very intimidating, non-friendly and will make you feel silly. Also, gyms are really expensive; and it’s not like you can workout at home because there’s a couch inside your home instead of an escalator, and even if you don’t know how to properly use an escalator, you really feel like you cant do any exercise if there is no escalator around. Plus, the couch we mentioned looks really really comfy.

5. It takes time to see results

You worked out three days from last week and you’re still size 7. What? You didn’t sign up for this! Sure, you got the large popcorn yesterday at the movies and you ate a whole pizza on Monday. But you were hungry! You ran for almost a whole mile that day! It is just not fair.

It is definitely worth it to blow off these lame excuses because:

1. You will see results

Like anything that counts in life, perseverance and consistency will get you very far. If you work hard enough, eat right and don’t quit; you will not only look better, you will feel better and it will show.

2. It will make you active and productive

Starting your day with exercise will give you lots of energy; you will feel strong and motivated. Also, your head will be clearer than ever.

3. It will make you feel happy

Exercise gives you endorphins, which are an awesome mood booster. You will be less likely to feel depressed and it even reduces PMS symptoms on women. Aside from endorphins, feeling and looking good, will give you tons of confidence and self-esteem.

4. It pushes you towards a healthy lifestyle in every way

After working out for a few weeks you will notice that you’re making unconscious changes to be healthier. You will find yourself eating better, going to bed and waking up earlier, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, even smoking less (if you smoke). All of these changes will add up to help you achieve your fitness goals and you will be feeling better than ever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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