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Torch Mobs For Tolerance

And my guts tell me that 100 years ago, you would have all been in white racist lynch mobs while I would have been the one crazy white guy in town trying to stop you.

Dangerously Sensitive

Hasan was a solitary worm burrowing deep inside a military-industrial apple that refused to stop him for fear of being deemed wormophobic.

Fun Vagina Facts

An 1813 account in a French encyclopedia mentions a woman with a 12-inch clitoris resembling “the neck of a goose.”

Fun Penis Facts

The Kinsey Report verified the longstanding rumor that black men have larger penises than whitey.

It’s Hard To Be A Homo In Russia

But that’s merely one skirmish in a war that is only beginning. The broader issue involves a civilizational clash regarding who gets to define morality, what’s normal and what’s deviant, and the very idea of Russian nationhood.

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