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Better Dead Than On Meds

They say the Unabomber was crazy, but he made sense when he warned that mass-prescribed mood-altering pharmaceuticals are evil precisely because they force you to tolerate situations which you’d naturally find intolerable.

Torch Mobs For Tolerance

And my guts tell me that 100 years ago, you would have all been in white racist lynch mobs while I would have been the one crazy white guy in town trying to stop you.

Dangerously Sensitive

Hasan was a solitary worm burrowing deep inside a military-industrial apple that refused to stop him for fear of being deemed wormophobic.

Fun Vagina Facts

An 1813 account in a French encyclopedia mentions a woman with a 12-inch clitoris resembling “the neck of a goose.”

Fun Penis Facts

The Kinsey Report verified the longstanding rumor that black men have larger penises than whitey.

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