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Fun Vagina Facts

An 1813 account in a French encyclopedia mentions a woman with a 12-inch clitoris resembling “the neck of a goose.”

Fun Penis Facts

The Kinsey Report verified the longstanding rumor that black men have larger penises than whitey.

It’s Hard To Be A Homo In Russia

But that’s merely one skirmish in a war that is only beginning. The broader issue involves a civilizational clash regarding who gets to define morality, what’s normal and what’s deviant, and the very idea of Russian nationhood.

Where Has All the Angel Dust Gone?

I have never read a positive word about PCP, and that’s what makes it such an exciting drug. And I haven’t read much about it at all since Jimmy Carter was president, which makes me miss it that much more.

Spaying The Queen’s English

There are no fishermen left in Washington State. As of July 1, they are all now “fishers.” There are no longer any “firemen,” only “firefighters.” The state’s “clergymen” have been banished to make room for a genderless “clergy.

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