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LAKE OF BLOOD: German Teen Turns Himself In For ‘Dark Web’ Murders

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Nineteen-year-old Marcel Hesse of Herne, Germany poses for a selfie after allegedly bbing a twenty-two-year-old man to death on Thursday.

An international manhunt that began on Monday ended last night when 19-year-old Marcel Hesse entered a Greek restaurant in Herne, Germany and asked the owner to call police.

Police say Hesse—described as a “martial arts fanatic”—had been on the run since Monday after murdering his next-door neighbor—a nine-year-old boy named Jaden—by stabbing him 56 times in a basement, then posting video and photos of the grisly ordeal onto the “Dark Web.”

Immediately after allegedly murdering the boy, Hesse returned to his chatroom and held up his bloody hands to the camera. The manhunt began the moment one of the observers notified police to say, “I have just seen a boy murdered on the Internet.”

In an online chatroom only hours before turning himself in, Hesse allegedly wrote, “I know that people die slowly when you slaughter them.”

Regarding the murder of nine-year-old Jaden, Hesse told an online acquaintance that his only regrets were that his hand was lightly bleeding and that his victim wasn’t a girl, so he didn’t get to rape her:

“I found him lying in a giant lake of his own blood,” said a man identified as Jaden’s stepfather. “I wanted to give him a massage on his heart, but blood was streaming from his wounds.”

In the course of notifying the police, Hesse also tipped them off that the apartment of a 22-year-old man identified as Christopher W. was on fire. Police found the man’s corpse inside the burning flat. Before setting the place on fire, it is believed that Hesse stabbed Christopher 68 times, then posed for a selfie with the murder weapon.

Hesse’s sister reportedly told a friend he’s an “absolute psycho.” (Selfie posted by Marcel Hesse)

There is also suspicion that Hesse—whose sister Sandra allegedly described to a friend as an “absolute psycho”—murdered a third victim. He popped up on a chatroom this week to brag that he tortured a woman to get her bank details and that “She offered more resistance than the child.”

I’ll post updates on this supremely grim case as they become available. TC mark

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