22 Weird And Disturbing Facts About Sex Dolls

8. One British couple owns over 240 sex dolls but claims they don’t have sex with any of them.

“Bob” and “Lizzie” are thought to own the world’s largest collection of full-size sex dolls—240 and counting. According to Bob, “I’ve never made love or had sex with the doll at all. That’s not what I do.” Instead, they eat dinner, have afternoon tea, and watch TV with them. Thanks for clarifying, “Bob,” but that’s even weirder than having sex with them.

9. Is your dog humping your leg? There’s a sex doll for that.

This creepy, faceless, duck-like contraption is designed to prevent your randy male pooch from humping your leg.

10. Would you like to hump a dog? There’s a sex doll for that, too.

On the low end of the sex-doll spectrum—both price-wise and taste-wise—the avid humper of inanimate objects can find blow-up dolls made to resemble animals rather than humans. If you’re so inclined, you can also snag yourself “overweight, transgender, elderly and alien dolls.”

11. Eastern Europeans love using sex dolls in swimming competitions…

During “National Men’s Day” in Lithuania, one swimming race involves men using sex dolls as rafts. And until 2013—when the event was canceled due to “health and safety” concerns—Russia’s “Bubble Baba Challenge” also featured men rocketing down the river afloat on inflatable sex dolls.

12. …even though Australian authorities insist that sex dolls are “not recognized flotation devices.”

In 2011 after an Aussie couple escaped drowning by using inflatable sex toys as life rafts during a flood, authorities sternly warned the public that sex dolls are “not recognized flotation devices.”

(Wikimedia Commons)
(Wikimedia Commons)

13. Heartbroken men have been known to design sex dolls that resemble their lost lovers.

After being dumped by his lover in 1916, Austro-Hungarian artist Oskar Kokoschka wrote that he’d “lost all desire to go through the ordeal of love again.” Instead, he provided a dressmaker with insanely detailed instructions for building a life-sized simulacrum of the woman who kicked him to the curb. He reportedly destroyed the doll in a fit of rage during a party.

According to the owner of a sex shop in Italy, in 2010 a 50-year-old man was “in tears” as he showed dozens of photographs of a presumably dead blonde woman whom he commissioned shop owners to recreate as a sex doll.

14. The grand incredible Nazi sex-doll hoax.

For years false rumors have spread than Adolf Hitler, alarmed at the prospect of his soldiers contracting syphilis from French prostitutes, green-lit a project to supply Nazi grunts with inflatable sex dolls they could carry in their backpacks. It was reputedly called the “Borghild Project,” but researchers concluded in the early 2000s that, due to a lack of evidence, the whole shebang had been a hoax.

15. America’s Barbie doll is said to be based on an “erotic” German doll named Bild Lilli.

"Bild Lilli" dolls—"erotic" German figurines that are said to be the inspiration for the Barbie doll. (Wikimedia Commons)
“Bild Lilli” dolls—”erotic” German figurines that are said to be the inspiration for the Barbie doll. (Wikimedia Commons)

“Bild Lilli” was a bawdy, foul-mouthed female German cartoon character in the early 1950s that one writer described as a “pornographic caricature.” Due to the cartoon’s popularity, a line of “Bild Lilli” dolls was manufactured in two sizes—7.5 inches and 11.5 inches. They were marketed to adult males, although their size ensured that they couldn’t be penetrated and could only potentially do the penetrating. Bild Lilli is fingered, pun intended, as the direct inspiration for America’s Barbie doll.



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