17 Poignant Quotes From Real-Life Suicide Notes

Everyone in their right mind seems to think you have to be out of your mind to kill yourself. If that’s the case, why are all 17 of these suicide-note excerpts—that were taken from real people who really killed themselves—so lucid and touching and poignant and insightful?

I’ve said it before—one needs a certain degree of insight into the human condition’s wretchedness and futility to get depressed enough that you consider killing yourself, but it is precisely this insight that means you have more than dead meat resting above your shoulders and therefore shouldn’t kill yourself. In other words, if you want to kill yourself, that’s the first sign that you shouldn’t. So no—don’t kill yourself. Otherwise, enjoy these beautiful, insightful, moving, and borderline tear-jerking quotes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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