When Mothers Abandon Their Babies On Subway Platforms

Screenshot of video footage from New York City Police Department on July 8 appears to show Frankea Dabbs, 20, entering the station with her child in a stroller.
Screenshot of video footage from New York City Police Department on July 8 showing Frankea Dabbs, 20, entering the Columbus Circle subway station with her infant daughter in a stroller.

New York City police have charged 20-year-old Frankea Dabbs with felony child abandonment after she allegedly entered a subway car with her infant daughter strapped to a stroller, shoved the baby out onto the subway platform alone, and then rode away by herself after the doors closed.

When newspapers began reporting that Dabbs was homeless and had repeatedly been arrested for prostitution, the easily inflamed SJWs on the Twittersphere began screaming foul, claiming it was racist to even bring it up. One never expects SJWs to make sense, which is why they got far angrier at reporters than at a mother so heartless that she could allegedly leave an infant alone on a NYC subway platform. As is nearly always the case when a female commits a crime, her deliberate actions are blamed on “mental problems” and “overwhelming conditions” rather than malice. Thus, the narrative becomes that of a mom who was overwhelmed and oppressed by society rather than a mom so fucking selfish and cruel that she could abandon her spawn on a dirty slab of cement in a dangerous city. Amid all the sloganeering about “empowerment,” women who do bad things apparently have zero power over their own actions.

Very few people seemed willing to consider that she was simply an awful, shitty mom.

According to government statistics from 2006, three-fifths of child abusers are mothers, not fathers. Why is it considered “sexist” to even mention this? If your end game is truly “equality” rather than “winning,” then treat all bad parents as equals.

With all the endless clanging bullshit one hears about misogyny, endemic sexism, rape culture, and patriarchy, the implication is that women, whether individually or in aggregate, could never possibly be capable of behavior that would give someone a generally negative impression of women. But as my wacky luck would have it, most of the people I know who harbor unfavorable attitudes toward women didn’t form their opinions due to song lyrics, but because of personal experience with women who lied, attacked, spit, screamed, kicked, stabbed, manipulated, tortured, smashed things, and were heartlessly cruel to them.

It makes perfect sense to me that if a woman had a horrible father, she might be justified in being suspicious of men, but modern feminism simply does not allow anyone to ponder whether the inverse could also be true. But ask yourself honestly: Is our “culture” creating misogyny, or does female behavior possibly have something to do with it? Have TV shows, movies, school textbooks, and music created nearly as many so-called “misogynists” as bad mothers have? I think we all know the answer. I also think most people are scared shitless to answer the question honestly because they’re likely to be harassed, threatened, stalked, and shouted down by exactly the sort of women whose actions create misogynists in the first place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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