Malaysian Politician Praises Hitler, Responds To Critics With A Schoolgirlish “WHATEVER”

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Wikimedia Commons

After Germany crushed Brazil in the World Cup semifinals yesterday, Malaysian politician Bung Maktar Radin—yes, his first name is “Bung”—congratulated the German team and added “LONG LIVE HITLER”:

Oh, for Christ’s sake—everyone should know that whoever loses a war will forever be the bad guy, even if the fact that they lost the war proves they were less efficient murderers than whomever won. Even though Hitler was responsible for far fewer deaths than either Mao or Stalin, it should be common knowledge worldwide that you’re not permitted to say anything positive about him without being universally tsk-tsked and tut-tutted, which is precisely what happened to Mr. Bung.

But what’s far more startling—or, to some of us, far more hilarious—than his praise of Hitler is the manner in which he’s responded to critics. It’s been an endless fusillade of “WHATEVER” and “say its to ur self” and “u can get lost” and “COZ IM BETTER THEN U” and “say ot to ir mom.” In his perversely petulant way, he sounds like a 14-year-old semiliterate transgender activist on Tumblr covering her ears and going “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA…”


(He’s alleging someone’s husband has an IQ under 70 and is “again under my feet.”)

Bung later told a reporter that the Hitler tweet was not “serious,” although he didn’t exactly help his case by adding, “I don’t know what’s wrong with people sometimes. Hitler is part of history and the German team fought like how he did.” He previously caught some flak in 2007 for making an unflattering reference to a female Parliament member’s menstrual cycle. I say LONG LIVE BUNG, and if you don’t like it, well, WHATEVER. Say it to your mom! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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