The Unspoken Subtext of #BringBackOurGirls: Forced Conversion In Islam

One thing seems glaringly absent from all the recent online activism regarding the kidnapped Nigerian girls, and that’s even a whisper about Islam.

I’ve seen it alleged that Boko Haram are terrorists and misogynists—no argument there—but not a peep about the religion that drives their actions.

I watched Michelle Obama’s White House address about the situation. Not a word about Islam. I’ve seen tons of social-media howling about the kidnapped girls. Again, not one utterance about Islam. I suppose that someone somewhere has mentioned Islam, only to be shouted down as a bigot by the SJWs.

Video has now emerged purporting to show the kidnapped girls—who apparently were not Muslims until the kidnapping—wearing hijabs and reciting Quran verses.

You can bet your lily-white ass that if a group of Christians had kidnapped nearly 300 girls and were forcing them to recite Bible verses, that fact would be touted loudly in every account of the story, rather than buried as is being done here.

There is a Quran verse that says there should be “no compulsion” in religion—that is the verse frequently cited by those who insist Islam is a “religion of peace” and that those who violently enforce it do not practice “true” Islam—yet there are several other Quran verses and passages from the Hadith that appear to openly encourage forced conversion. That’s the problem with books such as the Quran and the Bible—they contradict the fuck out of themselves. And their followers will cherry-pick passages to suit their own compulsions.

Islam has a long, murderous history of forced conversion. One of its most enduring symbols, second only to the star and crescent, is the sword. Muhammad himself was a warrior.

For years I’ve wondered cynically why leftist progressives bother to defend Islam—and vigorously at that—as it’s clearly the most misogynistic and homophobic major world religion currently in the biz. I suspect their reluctance to criticize it is due to two things:

1) A fear of being called “racist,” since Islam is not perceived as a primarily white religion;
2) A tacit support for any ideology that threatens to undermine Western civilization, since the driving force behind modern leftism seems to be a seething hatred for Western civilization.

Why defend an illusory angry MALE desert God who contradicts everything you hold most dearly? I believe there is tremendous cowardice and denial among anyone who thinks it’s simultaneously possible to support gay rights and women’s rights while also supporting Islam. Or maybe it’s just ignorance because they’ve been spoon-fed a whitewashed version of the religion. But it’s foolish (and ultimately suicidal) to tolerate those who would never tolerate you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Stop worrying about good and bad…and start thinking about true and false.

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