The 10 Most Microscopic Microaggressions Of All Time

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Words hurt. Actions hurt. Sometimes inaction hurts. Sometimes people don’t have to do anything, and it still hurts. Before justice is achieved in this society, we need to confront the fact that people are hurting one another all the time without even trying.

This brief overview of actual online words that have actually been published online is a shocking example that hate is still the pillar of our society. Let us knock this pillar down and celebrate among the rubble.


I went into a McDonald’s today to order a cheeseburger, and the clerk said, “How are you today, ma’am?” I can’t fucking believe that in 2014, my genitals are still an issue with people.


I’m a strong, young, intelligent, empowered black female from the inner city. I went into a Gap store today to buy some jeans, and the clerk, a white woman, came up with a smile and said, “How can I help you?” Obviously they thought I was going to steal something.


I’m a black police officer in a dangerous inner-city precinct. I was eating in the officers’ lunchroom today, and a table full of white cops pulled out a chair and asked me if I’d like to join them. I could tell they were dying to call me “boy” but were too chickenshit to try it.


I’m a 19-year-old white male who was brutally raped in broad daylight outside a Walgreens in Denver yesterday. The police came and took my story, then acted all “concerned” and called for an ambulance to take me to the hospital, where all the workers were very “kind” and “caring.” Obviously they don’t realize we still live in a patriarchy and that women get raped a lot more often. I’m so fucking sick of these false equivalencies.


I went out with some white friends and they didn’t once mention I was black. I believe this is because they were afraid of being called racists, and if you’re afraid of being called a racist, that’s because you’re obviously a racist.


I’m an intelligent single white female who got pissed at my boss yesterday because it was raining outside and he held the door for me as I was coming into the company. Does he think I’m too weak to open a fucking door?!? But this morning it was also raining outside and he didn’t hold the door for me because I guess the asshole thinks I’m supposed to “take it like a man.”


I have straight friends who never once ask me questions about being gay because obviously they hate gay people and don’t want to think about what dicks taste like.


I went into a Walmart store and asked a worker there which way the restrooms were. He—of COURSE he was a white male—said, “The men’s room is that way.” Yes, technically I’m a man, but I’m furious that he would feel entitled to gender me that way.


I’m a Latino who was riding the Chicago Transit Authority today. One white rider sitting across from me didn’t make eye contact because obviously they’re afraid of Mexicans. Another one looked straight in my eyes as if to say, “You don’t belong here.”


I’m black, and today I asked my sushi waitress what kind of soft drinks they serve. She said they only serve Coke. Obviously she thinks all black people do cocaine. She obviously also doesn’t understand that in this society, most black people aren’t able to afford regular cocaine. #SMH Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Stop worrying about good and bad…and start thinking about true and false.

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