Equality: Where’s The Evidence?


With all due respect to the Founding Fathers, I do not find it “self-evident” that all men are created equal. If anything, it appears bleedingly obvious that they are highly—even comically—unequal.

About a dozen years ago I gave a lecture in a Seattle bookshop packed to the mossy rafters with young, fresh-faced, presumably inquisitive alterna-individuals. As I was pontificating and blabbing and waxing smart-assed, I noted that the common myth currently binding American society together is the idea of equality, but the problem is that there is no evidence for it.

It was as if every jaw in the crowd dropped at once. They all looked stunned. Here was this sacred idea they’d unquestioningly swallowed, yet it had zero evidence to buttress it.

No one raised a hand to offer evidence.

Equality is one of the most ludicrous notions ever hatched from a human brain. But despite its self-evident falsehood, it is the closest our secular society has to a shared religious belief. It seems to exist not as an established and unquestionable fact, but mostly as a tranquilizer for the less-than-equal.

Your modern smug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug progressive egalitarian dimwit generally believes in evolution—except for the uncomfortable parts. Have you ever noticed that when you disagree with them about the notion of innate human equality, they immediately condemn you as innately inferior to them? In stereotyping the “racist”—which is by far the most pervasive stereotype in modern society—it’s telling how often racists are depicted as stupid, subhuman, genetically inferior, and stuck in the Stone Age. It appears an indelible trait of human group psychology that people need to feel superior to at least someone, and that someone is currently the “racist” rather than the old standby, the Negro.

I like to at least pretend I have an open mind.

Therefore, I’d love to see some hard, cross-referenced data that conclusively proves genetics are entirely unrelated to measurable racial differences in physiology and intellect.

I yearn to look at spreadsheets that prove that Jews ‘n’ Japs aren’t generally smarter than other groups and that black people in no way tend to excel at the hundred-yard dash.

Would you be so nice as to prove to me that your average Russian chess master and your typical Maori tribesman would score equally on IQ tests if they’d only been brought up the same?

Would you kindly explain in simple English why a hardworking Asian usually achieves a lot more than a hardworking Mexican?

really want racial equality to be a scientific verity rather than a well-meaning but possibly dangerous fantasy. I’m not joking. I want to believe in it, but I want some proof. Is that too much to ask?

But rather than bothering to cough up even a tiny slimy loogie of evidence to bolster what they insist is a fact that has been proved beyond question, egalitarians will trot out Lewontin’s Fallacy, which roughly runs thusly:

Differences within any group are greater than those between groups.

Against every known rule of logic, this statement is always used as some blanket proof of equality.

Let’s carefully dismantle this super-dumb time bomb.

Here’s why the statement is deceptive: Differences between highs and lows WITHIN a group do not discount or magically wash away differences between group AVERAGES. Exceptions may disprove a rule, but they in no way undermine demonstrable patterns.

Keeping it simple, I’ll use a baseball analogy. Let’s say the best hitter for the Boston Red Sox bats .350. And, oh, let’s say their worst hitter bats .150. And let’s allege that the team’s batting average is .250.

With me?

And let’s say the New York Yankees’ hitters average .350.

So the difference between the Red Sox’s best and worst hitters is a steep 200 points, while there’s only 100 points between the teams’ averages.

Does this, even for a second, mean the Red Sox and Yankees are equal at batting?

Not if you aren’t a moron.

The Yankees, on average, still bat 100 points better than the Red Sox, and a betting man would be a fool not to put his money on the Yankees.

Notice how they never invoke Lewontin’s Fallacy when speaking of economic inequality?

To these incurable materialists, it is only when you mention economics that group averages suddenly become relevant. If Oprah Winfrey (a billionaire) is compared to a homeless black man, and then one compares AVERAGE income differences between blacks and whites in America, it is undeniable that economic disparities among blacks are far larger than average income differences between blacks and whites. This will henceforth be referred to as “Le’Winfrey’s Fallacy.”

Leftism has a stubborn tendency to invert reality. Again and again and again and AGAIN you hear that race is nothing more than a “social construct” by the SAME people who speak as if “culture” and “equality” are real things that you can observe under a microscope.

There’s a battalion of armored trucks filled with biological and purely logical evidence of “race,” while there’s not a dandelion petal’s worth of evidence that things such as “culture,” “equality,” and especially “racism” are anything more than ideas.

Yet the egalitarians persist in shoving their delusions down everyone’s throats. But you can’t force a wish to become true.

They’ll pretend that the mind and the body are entirely discrete entities, as if the brain were an ethereal rather than a physical organ.

They will accuse you of peddling pseudoscience that has been discredited and debunked, yet they shy away from offering the slightest wisp of proof to support their most sacred belief. And it is a belief rather than a fact. This can’t be stressed enough.

They will allege that the only difference between ethnic groups is skin color, as if there were no measurable disparities in hair texture, nose shape, eye color, lip size, lactose tolerance, susceptibility to certain diseases, and—most importantly—intelligence.

They’ll insist that anyone who dares assert that equality is a myth has a personal or political agenda, as if no one could possibly have personal or political reasons for peddling egalitarianism.

In the face of overwhelming evidence, they twist themselves into pretzels trying to obfuscate and deconstruct terminology. They will scoff at the very notion that race exists, which makes me wonder why they don’t tell black people to stop calling themselves black. Hell, it even makes me wonder how they can pick out a black person from a crowd in order to tell them this. If race is a phantasm, how do they determine who gets rewarded minority contracts and who benefits from affirmative action? If “race” is whatever we want it to be, how on God’s green Earth do those DNA tests work?

If black underachievement in America is solely the result of hatred and racism, how might one explain much more severe cases of sub-Saharan underachievement in remote jungle areas where pale white toes have never trod?

There is a vast chasm between treating people equally and pretending that they are all innately equal. There is also a yawning canyon between establishing a level playing field and trying to rig the game so that it ends in a tie.

Perhaps the grandest achievement of Franz Boas and every race-denying anthropological egalitarian to follow in his paw prints was to shift the burden of proof from those who claim everyone’s equal to those who claim they are not.

But two can play at that game. Shift the burden of proof back on those who treat equality as if it were an unassailable scientific fact. Take away value judgments such as “superior” and “inferior” and observe the evidence.

Racial equality is an important idea. It matters so much that many people are willing to kill you or ruin your career if you don’t believe in it.

But where’s the proof, people? Where’s the beef?

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Beware of those who say they’re fighting for “equality,” especially when their behavior shows they’re fighting to win a war.

I could be wrong, but I think the largest obstacle to equality is the fact that people aren’t equal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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