This Is My Goodbye To All The Amazing People I Met In College

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We met the first day we rode onto campus. You’re the ones I walked to meal hall with our first night in res, as we became acquainted with the adventure we were just beginning.

You’re the ones who sat in my tiny dorm room as you cried over breaking up with your long distant boyfriend.

You’re the ones I borrowed clothes from so many times that we forgot who owned what. We pulled all-nighters together at the library yet somehow managing to only get 1 hour of work done.

You convinced me it was okay to skip Thursday’s night class because we had to make it to the bar by 7 in order to beat the line for High School Dance Party. And truth be told you’re some of the best people I’ve ever met.

We’ve since graduated and returned to new and old homes. Our lives have continued without us holding the same town as common denominator in our friendship. To my college friends who now live across the world: I miss you.

I miss you when it’s 11pm on a Tuesday and I want to go to MacDonald’s – judgement free — but you don’t live here.

I miss you when it’s Thursday and Grey’s is on and I want my living room to be filled with snacks and friends crying and laughing together.

I miss you when I want to plan my birthday party or a night of dancing but my selection of available friends is distantly unfamiliar.

I miss you when I want to make or cook something from Pinterest because we all pinned the same pin.

I miss you when there’s a music festival and I want us to road trip into oblivion for the weekend.

I miss you when there is absolutely nothing to do but that doesn’t mean the day has to be boring.

The bonds that we created are ones in which I am infinitely thankful. And it means the world to know I can call you whenever I need you, knowing you’ll pick up. But sometimes (most times) I really just want to lay back and hang out. Go for a drive to the beach and complain about my parents. I want to try all the coffee shops in town with you.

And as much as I miss you, know that I rooting for you. I’m smiling so bright when I see you post a photo of you and your new partner. Or your acceptance letter into grad school. Or your drunk ass in Thailand. I am so happy to, no matter how far, be able to call you some of my very best friends, and couldn’t have asked for better people to walk by my side during that fundamental time, creating the mould of the person I hope to become.

And even through all of the missing that happens so often, know that I am incredibly thankful and grateful that I continually have a count down going for when we all get together again and everything feels right in the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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