15 Things In Life You Can Never Get Back

image - Flickr / 55Laney69
image – Flickr / 55Laney69

1. The leaf after it has fallen from a tree branch.

2. The deed after it’s done.

3. The words after it have been said.

4. The time after it’s spent.

5. The opportunity after it’s missed.

6. The chance after it’s wasted.

7. The false rumor after a judgement has been passed.

8. The exact same trust after an act of betrayal.

9. The anger after it’s acted upon.

10. The miles after it’s been traveled.

11. The tears after it has been shed.

12. The gasoline after it’s been used up.

13. The moment after it has passed.

14. The love after it has been taken for granted.

15. The life after it’s gone.

The saying, “Regrets come last,” has often posed a critical threat on the decisions we make each day. As we live through the fundamental tasks, the mistakes we have made often haunt us until the sun has set, the moon has settled and the night has deepen. Eventually, you will realize on a cold and lonely day, on a hot summer night or while you’re doing the most impeccable task at work that there are some things in this lifetime that has passed and is and will never be retrievable.

Age and experience sheds light to the realization that everything we do comes with repercussions and that will only come in having both the right amount of courage and fear to push us forward and to keep us grounded. Tomorrow may be uncalled for but let the fear of it settle in for the lack of it may highly likely mean a disregard for consequences. Carry with you what they say that regrets often come last but never use it as an excuse for exercising freedom in a way where it deviates from the choice between good and better.

Uplifting of the heavy feeling these circumstances bring can only come from the acceptance of the things you cannot change and in knowing that things doesn’t necessarily get better but that you just grow stronger. The sooner you realize this and the sooner you let it sink in, the better. Stop wasting time on the already nonexistent and start living for today. The turnout may not have been pretty great but there are some lessons only experience can teach us and if there is one thing we should always keep in mind, experience always gives you an edge. So like in the new hit Disney Wonder, Frozen, let it go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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