I Want To Live With No Regrets

 Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

I want to dance until my stomach aches from twisting and twirling and spinning. I want to feel my mind melt into my hips and legs until I am seaweed.

I want to drive on desert roads with a seldom smoked hand-rolled cigarette, a blazing sun through the roof, a song that pushes the tears from my ribcage and a bare foot on the gas pedal.

I want warm wind blowing through my hair, dark coffee that pulses through my veins and licorice that sticks to my teeth.

I want to laugh at wit. I want to laugh at my own stupidity. I want to laugh at the lips of dogs and the seriousness of a baby’s stare. I want to laugh at the government when I feel I could cry instead.

I want to giggle at perverse ideas and never, never grow up I want wine and a little fire of juniper wood.

I want stars. Stars that fall on me and envelop every orifice until I become a part of the sky.

I want warm clean socks inside of my sleeping bag and a good soft hat over messy hair that smells like summer.

I want the oils of jasmine, myrrh, vanilla and rose to caress my skin and I want coconut oil and aloe to soften my sunburns.

I want to say yes to adventures that spark out of madness and I want them to lead to more yes’s and nights of bold plans that may never happen.

I want music. I want music that carries the weight of everything this world bears down on it and turns it into beauty.

I want poetry. I want the moon and the setting sun over the canyons and the ocean and the smell of the redwoods and the wet ferns in autumn.

I want the silence of midnight snowfalls in Colorado. I want the electric green of sage to permeate my senses forever.

I want to love without borders and lines and compartments. I want to never hurt but always heal and, if I cannot do that, I want to at least try and do no harm (but take no sh*t).

I want to inspire and be inspired. I want to fly from the paradigms of culture until I am high enough to see it without ego. I want to swim low into the depths of myself without the fear of getting lost and I want to explore the caves of society with hope and bravery.

What do I want? I want to live every moment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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