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10 Little Ways I Already Said I Love You

1. I worked a little too early to leave early than usual so I can squeeze more time seeing you before my yoga class.

2. I drop whatever I do in order to talk to you. I text you while I try to do my school work at the same time because I enjoy talking to you.

3. I’m ready to be in trouble every Friday night I go home late but it is worth it ‘cause I get to spend time with you.

4. I sent you cute and funny dog pictures to cheer you up and hope they made you smile.

5. I opened myself up to you even though they are not about the nicest things because I trust you with all my heart.

6. I have kept your ideas in a small notebook because I think they’re great and I want to support you in the best way I can.

7. I encouraged and supported you in what you wanted to do- even if it hurt me. I wouldn’t want to do anything that would hold you back from what you wanted. I am here to support you no matter what.

8. I did things that you truly enjoyed- from drinking at your favorite bar on a random weekday, to trying comedy bar, and to trying food you liked that I’ve never had. I have learned to embrace and loved these parts of you too.

9. I called you out for your mistakes. I want you to learn from them because I want you to grow as a person and be even more amazing than you already are.

10. I watched a favorite movie of yours that you recommended and low key watched videos of one of your favorite YouTuber that you told me you met in a restaurant. Anything that makes you smile interests me and I want to become familiar with them so I can share the happiness with you.

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