10 Little Things That Make Your Man Ache For You (Even When You’re Not Around)

My new boyfriend works a lot, making him basically the complete opposite of me. He gets up early and stays at work way past the dot of 5 P.M. I get kind of bored laying around waiting for him to come home and so I’ve devised a few ways to keep him horny for me all day long, and even (gasp!) actually missing me.

Men are like the easiest, simplest creatures in the world. They pretty much have three moods: horny, sleepy and hungry. You can appeal to all of these at the same time and keep his mind (and his boner) on your beautiful mind, face and body until he gets home and gives it to you.

1. Never forget the power of a strategic sext. When my dude leaves me to go to work, I like to snap a photo of my undressed self still in bed and text it to him. I’ve successfully lured him back into my arms a few times with this method. Other good times to send something sexy? The 3 P.M. slump never fails.

2. A picture says 1,000 words. Cue up “I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl” and go to selfie-town. A particularly effective shot for certain men is just the top of your lacy panties, and another I’ve found gets great feedback is the underside of my boobs in a cropped sweater. Play around with angles and always send them his way for “critiques.” No dude I know would be opposed to playing a little game of photography critic.

3. Take him online shopping with you. I’ve been shopping for sexy Vegas dresses for an upcoming girlfriends trip, and I like to take my dude along by running a few options past him. Then I know he’s thinking about me in that tight, white bodycon dress with the super-low neckline, which makes him think about my boobs in that dress, which makes him think of taking it off me, which makes him think of sex, which makes him think about cumming all over my tits. God, men are easy.

4. Keep him going on a few social media channels. You have so many ways to contact him! To do it without being creepy, be strategic. Do you usually GChat during the day? Be a little naughty and send him a dirty message in the middle of your normal chatting. Send him an Instagram DM of your favorite lingerie or a handwritten note that says something sexy, even if it’s just like “I can’t wait to see you tonight” with a little winking drawing.

5. Be forthright. I’ve never known a dude who didn’t like it when I told him via text that I’d been thinking about choking on his cock all day. Don’t beat around the (LOL) bush. Say what you’re thinking about in as much dirty detail as you want. Another winner? “I can’t stop thinking about how you bent me over and made me scream last night.”

6. Send a screenshot. A friend of mine sends her dude screenshots of the porn she’s watching, which is usually hot chicks playing with themselves. It’s like a naughty little look into what turns her on, which of course turns him on.

7. Steal one of his white t-shirts and then wear it at least once a week in a new, sexy manner. Like, wet in the shower. Or without pants. Send him photos of his shirt and all the adventures you two have together when he’s not around.

8. Let him watch you get dressed for work in the morning. He’ll think about you putting on your clothes all day, and then he’ll think about taking them off that evening. Bonus points if you choose a sexy black dress or pencil skirt.

9. Using your vibrator? Make a video. Men love visual stimulation so they love any video you send. I promise. Even if it’s you blowing a kiss. If you’re really talented, bring the phone into the shower with you and send him a video of you soaping up.

10. If you wanna get romantic – and you should! Dudes love romance! – send him a little love letter, or a love email. A sweet “I’m thinking about you” reminder keeps you in his brain and his heart (awwww!) all day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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