5 Items Every Woman Needs In Her “Goodie Drawer”

Wait, you’re a twentysomething, sexually active chick and you don’t have a goodie drawer? Are you serious right now? Oh honey – we need to do something about that. If you’re serious about your own pleasure while you’re getting boned, or while you’re bored at home alone, then you gotta stock up that little drawer in your bedside table. I mean, I think that’s what that drawer is made for! Move the hand cream and sleeping pills one drawer down, please, because things are about to get serious.

A vibrator

Jimmy J
Jimmy Jane

Every girl needs one. They’re fun on your own and they’re fun with a partner. You don’t need a $100+ one, though they are pretty awesome. (I dream about the Jimmyjane Form 2, personally.) Start out with something simple and inexpensive, like the Jimmyjane Pocket Rocket, and once you figure out what you like, you can upgrade from there. Get a waterproof one … just in case. Babeland has a really great “Beginners” section to check out if you’re feeling lost.


Well, duh. Unless you’re in a committed relationship with all signs pointed to Clear, you should keep condoms around. Who cares if you’re a girl? Girls can buy condoms too; there’s no law against it. Be safe. Don’t be dumb.


Girls are not an endless supply of lubrication on their own, so if you’re having a marathon sex session you may need a little help. I’m into warmed-up coconut oil myself, having had my mind blown by a dude who melted some down to use as a) massage oil and b) lube. It was a slippery, delicious experience. I enjoy this gentle, water-based lube from Sliquid because it isn’t sticky like some of the other brands (*cough cough KY*). Everything’s better when it’s wetter, to paraphrase “Under the Sea.”

A blindfold

I know it’s cliché, but it’s pretty fun, too. Use it on your partner or let them use it on you. I used to tie up an ex and blindfold him and then do my nails while he laid there just waiting for me … it was THE most fun torture ever. He loved it. Taking away one of your senses can be really sexy, provided your partner isn’t, like, gonna cover you in Hershey’s syrup. Not cute. The element of surprise and the anticipation of not knowing what they’re about to do to you can be incredibly hot, though.

Something sexy you only bust out once in awhile

Like a corset/garter belt/stockings set, or some long, black gloves. A good goodie drawer should always have an element of surprise, whether that’s costuming or a fun little accessory like a riding crop. Have a little fun! Play a few little games and get out of your safe zone. Maybe all it takes to make you feel sexier is some body oil. Maybe it’s red underwear. Whatever it is, incorporate it into your goodie drawer and pull it out whenever you need a little boost. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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