The Perks Of A Quick Sunday Sext


You know, sometimes a good “Come over and fuck me fast before work” is the best thing imaginable.

Perhaps you’ve been batting sexy texts back and forth for a few days – pics of his morning wood, you finally learning how to take the perfect butt selfie. But your schedules just don’t align right to get you both in the same (bed)room for more than half an hour.

I mean, I love a lengthy sex session as much as the next girl. I love when they spend time worshipping my entire body and giving me head as long as I like – hey, I can be greedy, but I always return the favor. It’s super fun to have a few hours just to fuck around, from drawn-out foreplay to boning and then maybe doing it all again if dude can make it work.

But sometimes, as a Career Girl (LOL), you don’t have time for that shit. You’ve got work to do, happy hours to attend, bottles of champagne to polish off at Sunday brunch. There’s no room for a good deep-dicking in your busy schedule! And so you spend all day sending sneaky peeks of your cute outfit, the lingerie under it and the boobs under that lingerie, to that dude til he’s so fired up he has no choice but to get in his car and drive to your Ivory Tower to give it to you.

I always thought it might be kinda fun to have a weekly-ish sex date with some dude I was sexually engaged to. You know: “Come over every Thursday at 9 PM until further notice.” Wouldn’t that be nice? It would be something to look forward to all week, for starters. “Oh, this week we’re gonna do bondage shit. Last week we just played with my vibrator for like two hours.” I’m a busy girl lately, so you gotta put it in my calendar if you wanna put it in me!

Generally on Sundays I prefer a dose of morning sex before we laze around all day, but since my current dude is decidedly NOT my boyfriend that ain’t happening. So after I rolled home after mixing and matching various mixers with a full bottle of champagne at brunch with my bestie, I was just revved up enough to really want a little sex. And dude was down. “Are you alone? Should I come fuck u?” I might as well have answered, “Uh, duhhhh.” I sometimes do.

So he shows up and I greet him at my door in my prettiest, fanciest and therefore most uncomfortable bra, which he swoons over and then rips off. And then it’s like “Bam!” In my bedroom.

It’s funny how you can pack all the necessary elements of a good sexing into a handful of minutes if you’re dedicated enough.

I yanked his clothes off, he pulled my dress over my head and slipped on a Magnum (jealous?) and gave me one of those quick, kinda-rough bangings that I wish for every so often. It wasn’t a juvenile “BANG BANG BANG” rabbit sex because dude is actually legit at fucking and I always come first. But it was definitely one of those “Let’s not waste 20 precious minutes before you go to work. Might as well have an orgasm, right?” I think my bed moved a few feet.

He got dressed while I was doing multiplication tables in the bathroom trying to pee (it works!) and then I walked him to the door and took a Sunday nap. I mean, really – is anything more perfect than that? I highly recommend it. Call up your dude, entice him over and tell him Jillian said so. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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