All You Can Do Is Hope To Heal

All You Can Do Is Hope To Heal
Peter Kent

Sometimes your heartache can’t be put into words.

You can put a band aid on it, but when the rain comes and your tears fall it will peel away, just like all the strength you’ve built on the surface. That strength is ripped layer to realize that at your very core you are empty, void, and that thing that was once your everything has now resulted to being lost. When the bandage falls and your guard is down you are so vulnerable to all pain, all intrusion, all things that can harm you and you then realize that cut, that goes deep to your soul, never does heal. It just scars.

You are reminded of it every day, when enough time passes and you leave well enough alone, put your thoughts on other things and you allow yourself some healing time, we all develop a scar.

A mark left on us to remind us of that tragedy, that moment when we were inflicted with such pain so deep our every ounce of happiness bled out and poured from our heart, months and months pass and we open and close this wound, we don’t know any other way but to sit and stare and dwell and let this pain encompass us.

But there will be a day when this cut that the Universe has placed upon our once beautiful life and body will begin to close.

When we can look at it in all its imperfections and see something good come of it. There has to be something that happens from this sadness, for every tear we shed there has to be some type of rain check for a smile. We know that life will not be the same. We have hit a bump in the road, spilled our cup of life into our laps and now have to wipe it off.

The scars will always remain, all we can do is be reminded because we cannot forget and we just hope to heal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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